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On a travel assignment at the VA hospital here in Seattle, I floated to another unit. I was amazed at the helpfulness, the caring, and wonderful nurses I worked with on the Spinal Cord unit there! ... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by kday:

    #1) It's a nice, fluffy thought to say 'you can't judge a book by it's cover' when it comes to spelling and grammar, HOWEVER...when one is trying to make an argument or point, grammar and spelling count. Try using that kind of grammar and punctuation on a resume or term paper, and that philosophy just doesn't cut it. If one is attempting to assert one's point in an argument in writing, writing like a mental midget makes the whole argument seem comical.

    #2) I find it interesting that you 'are shocked' by my post, yet say nothing to the myopic blowhard who has spent this entire post doing nothing but yelling and attempting to belittle me.

    #3) I certainly DO NOT 'need' such an inarticulate, vehemently hostile, insecure idiot like the one who started this post. Fortunately, I work with people who do not feel the need to bash each other because they feel threatened by their degree, thus the definition of a true 'professional.'

    Do not chastise me for defending myself against an unwarranted attack from an intellectual neanderthal. SOMEONE had to show some brains in this post, not just nonsensical babbling and 'LOL' over and over again like a giddy 4 year old.</STRONG>
    I feel it is time to end this, and to offer an apology for not trying to reassure you, my original post wasn't intented as a dig to anyone. I really did wish to relate a positive experience in that post, but unfortunately it didn't come out as I had intended it to. I should have tried to explain my rational for the post, and not immediately exposed my fangs.
    Unfortuantely I became defensive, and I have no excuse for responding to you the way I did.
    I was wrong in responding to your post with anger, and for causing you to intensify your anger. It was unprofessional of me to do so, no matter how I felt about your post.

    I thought I was trying to make a positive statement about a nurse I had encountered. It never occurred to me, that what I thought was a positive experience, would be misinterpreted by my not taking more care in the way I stated it.

    Hopefully I have worded this post in such a way, that it won't be offensive to anyone. I have no idea how I could have allowed this to disintergate into something so ugly, that it has affected others with all the negatively springing from it. Please let it end here, before anyone else is adversely infected by it.