working a Whitfield State Hospital, Mississippi

  1. Hi, I am not a nurse yet but am planning on going to get my LPN soon and was trying to decide where I want to work when I get finished. I am looking at Whitifield State Hospital, in Mississippi which is a mental/ drug abuse hospital. I hear it is a great place to work as far as benefits go but I also want to love what I do and know that I've made a difference etc. I was just wondering what it is like and what do you do exactly. Is it pretty crazy working there emotionally? and if anyone knows what the starting payrate is that would be great too. Thanks
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  3. by   teacher08
    I'm unable to assit with the question however your post about MS and Whitfield sparked an interest because my friend worked there about 13-14 years ago. He was matriculating in Special Education during our college days.

    Presently, he's a HS Principal (did alternative HS principalship prior). He seem to enjoy working with the patients during his days at Whitfield. I would ask him how his days events were however it was so long ago and may not be the same. I apologize for not really being much help. Best wishes to you.
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    This is a little off target, but is this the mental hosptial mentioned in the movie "A Time To Kill" ?
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    Yes it is. That's the scene when Sandra Bullock entered the Psychiatrist office through the windows to review clients files and discredit the Psychiatrist as an expert witness.