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We were discussing career options at work over the weekend, and one of the nurses commented that in her humble opinion, "nursing is the only career I know of that people don't "move up the ladder." ... Read More

  1. by   cindylouwho
    the lack of respect is right!!!...I'm appalled daily at the disrespectfulness shown to my coworkers and myself by physicians and management.....well the age of keeping quiet is over...we speak our mind and they don't know what to say sometimes........and talk about saving their butts...sometimes I feel like I do their work and my work just so the patient is taken care of in the best way......and the pay is not good
  2. by   glow_worm
    From what my mother has told me (she's been a bedside RN for over 30 years), your perception of nursing and the aspects you find satisfying change over time. When she began her career, she was seeking stability & a guaranteed salary so that she could take care of herself financially. When having children, nursing became a flexible job that allowed her to help support her family while also spending daylight hours with them. Once her kids moved out of the house, nursing became a higher purpose, a reason to get up in the morning & feel useful. Eventually, it was a means to travelling around the world. Now she really enjoys bedside care, and spends quality time with patients, gives them baths, combs their hair, etc... She told me that after 30 years, nursing tasks come very easily & you can do a lot of them on autopilot (ie. time-management is easier) -- that frees her up to focus on simple, meaningful interaction with her patients.

    Anyway, she emphasized to me that nursing offers exactly what you need at a given point in your life -- it can be anything you want it to be. She's found tremendous satisfaction in bedside nursing. Her perspective convinced me to go to nursing school!