WI Healthcare Worker Retaliation Protection Act

  1. Hi, I am posting this on the general nursing board because I want to make sure it doesnt get lost in the other boards.I have been reading posts of nurses like myself who have been fired in retaliation for reporting illegal/ unethical/ unsafe practices by their employer.I have had my day in court and lost despite mounds of evidence and wittnesses and a squeeky clean record for 27 years.My lawyers (who have not taken one dime in pay)have assured me that we will persue this all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.There are several states that have laws to protect healthcare workers from retaliation for reporting,but these laws have a flaw, being that they dont have enough teeth. They dont provide for punative damages or let your case be heard in front of a jury.Your case gets heard in a Administrative Law Hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge who has the sole authority to decide your case, if he makes an error in interpreting the law or other judicial errors it can be appealed to the next level.I am contacting my state Senator Russ Feingold to ask him to help enact a strong Federal Law that can protect ethical and caring healthcare workers from retaliatory discipline or discharge for good faith reporting to a state entity or complaints in house to a supervisor.The Nursing Home Industry is a multi billion (Yes I said billion) dollar a year industry, that has a strong lobby in Washinton DC.Unless you are represented by a STRONG union dont be fooled into thinking that this could not happen to you, especially if you are a strong individual with a voice.We need to join together to try to get ourselves protection from unscrupulous healthcare owners, their minions, and their lawyers.PM me if you have a story to tell and/or may want to testify in front of congess or the senate if I can get Senator Feingold to help me. Inga Dieterich LPN of 27 years.
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  3. by   kayRN21
    All I can say is "YOU GO Girl." I have so much respect for those that fight for the patients. When you are exploited so is the patient. I am tired of corporations making money off our backs and all the elderly population is worth is what companies can collect.
  4. by   ceecel.dee
    Seldom do good deeds go unpunished, or so it seems. You did what you felt was right; THE right litmus test to believe and bet on. You will be rewarded. I have been a "whistle-blower" as well...keep the faith. There is a place for you.