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I am wanting to get a little feedback as to why Nursing (in general) allows short staffing to be an issue? I am on our research committee at work and would like to get an idea of where to take my... Read More

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    I have nothing to contribute to your question but, more questions to add.

    Why do nurses put up with shift and weekend diff and overtime and so on rather than to ask for an outright Salary? Just give me a salary, either a straight hourly one that is decent or a yearly one then do not throw nickles and dimes at me for ot or shift diff.

    when i worked at the hospital long ago they tried that - salering everyone- in small town egypt where staffing goes from zero fpr a week to a milion for a week - it was not safe for us as they had in there essentially they had us having to work a lot of extra hours in one week cause we "owed them" from weeks before- that was not so hot on anyones list lol.