Why do some facilities only hire experienced nurses for certain shifts?

  1. Ok this is a gripe. I buy the Sunday paper every week and I always browse the classifeds out of curiosity. I notice that some facilities will only hire experienced nurses for evenings and nights. There is one facility in particular that runs an ad every single week seeking an experienced nurse for 3-11. The ad has been running for well over a month now and is continuously being revised. It started out as 3-11 with every other weekend, then 3-11 Mon-Fri with Sat and Sun off!!!. Now it's Mon-Thurs with Fri, Sat, Sun off!!! Exclamation points and all I understand the concern about new nurses needing extra support and guidance and that there are fewer nurses on the 2nd and 3rd shifts who have their own work to do, but wouldn't it be easier to hire someone who actually wants the job and orient them on days? In the meantime the nurses who are working have to work short. Gotta love it....
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Quite possibly they have their limit of inexperienced nurses and wish to have a few veterans. Since the docs aren't as available on pm's/nights, it's smart to have some seasoned staff around to guide the rest.. Perhaps what they're really looking for is a few charge or resource nurses but they don't want to scare them off in the ad..hehe.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    If the facility is a long term care, then it's also possible that the nurse being hired will be the only nurse on with no one to mentor with.
  5. by   healingtouchRN
    I am one of those seasoned nurses, me & one other Full time, the other 5 are new grads. It's tuff trying to be there all the time, answering questons, showing the way, checking off the skills, managing, answering the phone, etc........I was off for the first frinday in ages & I called to check on things (since one of the newbies was there with a floater from a floor on contract!) & she was loosing her mind, so I spent 30 mins giving her advice & puffing her up (you can do it!) & assurance that if she needed me she could call me (since she couldn't get the house super). That is why they was some experience! Don't take it personally, you'll understand in your own time, as my new grads are learning too. :kiss