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:confused: I work at a very small hospital. We have 2 surgeons, and 2 docs plus a nurse practitioner and a physician's assistant. This morning, xray comes and gets me, they have someone in... Read More

  1. by   thisnurse
    no no no...ill tell you what to do....

    make an appointment to see him at his office....reason for visit-hyperactivity-
    go to his office and wait till he sees you...oh he is going to love this...lol.....hes not going to know if you are messing or not so he will see you....but hes not going to like it
    when its time to examine you tell him you are there to pick up the perscription he wanted you to have. ...you know the valium.
  2. by   MHN
    Had the MD had his meds,are his delussions being activitly treated if not get referral so he can become normal and learn he is not a 'god"
  3. by   CindyCCRN
    Petiteflower, Hi!
    ...Respect is definitely a 2 way street... and there are definitely some Doctors who haven't ever or will never respect nurses - for a variety of reasons - initially, it's a problem between their own 2 ears which leaks out their mouth...

    1.. There are those male Dr's who have very little respect for all
    women - it is obvious in their care of male vs. female patients, their treatment of female vs. male nurses, their abusive, unprovoked, and unprofessional behavior and words (such as your incident) to women...

    2. There are those Dr's who really don't care about others at all- staff, patients, etc... only $$$$$

    3. There are those who feel empowered by openly belittling another - especially if there's an audience (as in your case)...

    4. There are those without a heart or a conscience, as in all walks of life...

    5. There are those without any respect for theirself - again shown by arrogance, as in your example...

    ....and I could go on and on...

    .....just ignore him... He's definitely the one who needs therapy!
  4. by   MHN
    Had the MD had his meds,are his delussions being activitly treated if not get referral so he can become normal and learn he is not a 'god"
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  5. by   SICU Queen
    I had an MD tell me once that a patient didn't have asystole. She (the MD) was VERY condescending and told me it was probably just artifact. It took this lady passing out and an EKG strip (our dinosaur machines didn't catch the first time) to show her. The lady was in cath lab for a pacemaker insertion within the hour.

    I was EXTREMELY irritated, to say the least, and told her so... She doesn't have much to say to me now, lol...

    I'm SO hurt.
  6. by   SICU Queen
    ALSO, the doctor telling the family you needed Valium is SLANDER. It's the same as you telling the patient's family the doctor needs Viagra cuz he's IMPOTENT. I wonder how that would fly, lol...

    And if it wasn't slander, if he really DID think that, then he breached confidentiality by telling the patient's family of his diagnosis of you...

  7. by   hapeewendy
    to sum it up, there are jackasses all over this world, the medical field is no exception
    the floor I work on has many of them
    who just put nurses down on a whim, for kicks even
    they can take their superiority and shove it as far as I'm concerned, sad truth of the matter is were all gonna be patients one day, even them!

    respect is a two way street, if you dont give it you shouldnt get it, unfortunately drs are placed on this pedestal because they are the lifesavers
    while we are viewed by many as the a$$ wipers...
    its not true of course, but until the attitudes change, the superiority complexes arent going anywhere
    we have a dr who looks so professional, a nice looking woman, well dressed, until she opens her mouth, everythin is F this F that yadda yadda
    its disgusting!

    she just freaked out on us because she wanted to transfuse a patient and there was no consent so she was paged to come sign one....she yelled and screamed about how this patient had several tranfusions as an outpatient years ago (YEARS AGO!?!?!) and shouldnt need a new consent
    she knows better, just wanted to try to throw around her power a little bit, I kindly deferred to our nurse clinician to handle the subject
    I'm not gonna get into a pissing contest with someone who clearly just wants to abuse their power.
    thats the best thing you can do, know youre there for your patients,and dont feed into the hype that these drs try to create
    its like that annoying little kid in school who would just try to get a rise out of anyone
    ignore it and they will go away, if they dont go away at least they will look stupid for aruging with themselves