Why did you go into nursing....

  1. I would like this to be a POSITIVE forum.
    1. Why did you go into nursing? and
    2. Tell us a couple of NICE things that
    have happened during your career.

    There are many of us student nurses looking at this bulletins and seeing only the negative, but there has to be some positive experiences you've had. Your responses will not only be greatly appreciated by myself but by many of us student nurses and perhaps even experienced nurses, who may have pushed those reasons and experiences to the back of their mind.
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  3. by   reg06
    I went into nursing because I personally love people. (Most of the time) hee hee. I also am a major people pleaser. I feel so good when I am able to help another human being. To feel that if I wasn't there at that moment, this person would be suffering more and would be in pain and in fear. Being a nurse makes me feel worthwhile and proud. I am competent and I caring.

    It helps alot when the person I am helping gives me feedback and thanks me (although this seems rare).

    I love mastering a technical skills, like starting IV's, and figuring out equipment. I love doing assessments and trying to anticipate problems. Of course, the time before the mastery of the skill is very uncomfortable and nerve racking, but once you've got it, wow it feels sooooo good.

    I also LOVE the interactions with other nurses in my job. To get to know my co- workers and there lives. We talk and share stories and share our pain and struggles. Of course the time to do this seems difficult due to staffing and patient loads. Truly, this is a very integral part of my job. To communicate with others and discuss life, politics, and philosophies. I feel lucky that on night shift, we usually have a small amount of downtime to talk. (Depending on the night and situations, of course full moons we never have time " I feel so bad for many nurses who run there butt off all night long and never get to COMMUNICATE with there co-workers.

    Much more to say but it is time for me to go to sleep!
    Have a great day everyone.

  4. by   nurshathaway
    First, Reg, thank you for sharing that...that is exactly what I was looking for.

    Second, Mustangsheba, I agree these forums should be used to vent and believe me on some of the topics, I do my share. In this particular topic, I just wanted to hear the reasons why you went into nursing and what you still like about it even with all the frustration that seems to be part of the job. Thank you though for your input.
  5. by   Jenny P
    I became a nurse because some young nurse snuck my brothers and sisters (5 of us, under the age of 9) up the back stairs to see our Mom for the last time before she died, back in the 50's (children were not allowed in the hospital wards back then, we had been told by an older, starched nurse). I have always wanted to "repay" that nurse by being as caring as she was. I have had many wonderful experiences as a nurse, and I feel that I've helped numerous patients through some of the difficult times of their lives. When I'm at work, I give at least 100% effort to making my patients comfortable, trying to educate them about what is going on with them and their illness, and sometimes it is noticed by the patients and their families. And I try to prevent any crises before they happen- although I work in CV ICU, I'm not "an adrenalin junkie" and I tell my patients I'm into quiet, boring shifts (I work nights). The quiet, boring shift is for them- I'm usually busy making sure it is quiet and boring.
  6. by   TruthSeeker
    I am only a nursing student, but the purpose of becoming a nurse is because I truly do love helping anybody that can or cannot help themselves and the satisfaction along with the fullfillment that I get when I do help others.

    I love being part of a team with one goal and one purpose in mind, that is, to help others to get well, or to ease the pain, or to teach something that others did not know, or to empower, or to be a patient advocate, or to simply listen and be supportive.

    One of my memories that I will never forget and made me proud to be part of the medical field and thankful that I was part of it......there was a young lady that came into the ER, while I was doing my clinical rotations this past semester. I had to stay with this young lady because the doctor and the primary nurse got called out d/t a code blue. While I was in there, this young lady looked at me and said, "Even though my mama cannot be here, I am so glad that you are here." Her saying that, made me add another blessing to the many many blessings that I have recieved in my life time so far. And like I told her, I feel priviledge to be part of this and thanked her for allowing me to take part of it.

    I could add a couple of more or so stories to this, but it would be too long, as it is already. And sure I could say well another reason why I chose this profession because of the money and job security. But when you go into this profession with that being your main goal, your main purpose, then it is not worth it. You will find yourself being very unhappy and very rude to the ones that has sought your help. And yes, I do know several student nurses now, who will be graduating in May 2001, with their sole purpose of going into this field because of the money and the security. And when they do clinical rotations, their attitudes, the way they carry themselves, their words show that they do not have a heart and that is so sad. Because it is that innocent patient that came in to seek help will have to suffer.

    Being a nurse takes something special to do everyday and yes I am eager and looking forward to meeting that challenge. And yes I do know, it gets old just like anything else does, but I just pray that God will always bless me with this eagerness that I have within me now. Because I sincerely and truly do love helping anyone that needs my help.

    God Bless,

    "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 KJB
  7. by   nursejanedough
    I got into nursing for better pay and because I was interested in nursing and science. I found I love geriatrics. Agism is rampant. Our elderly need our utmost respect and tender care. I am glad I was there when I was the one holding his/her hand when they had their last breath. I was praying for them and.. me (because there was no family/friends left). I could tell a lot more, but I love this poem (author unknown). This is kind of long, but worth it.
    An Old Lady Has the Last Word

    What do you see, nurse, what do you see?
    What do you think when you're looking at me?
    A crabby old woman, not very wise,
    Uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes,
    Who dribbles her food and makes no reply
    When you say in a loud voice, "I do wish you'd try."
    Who seems not to notice the things that you do,
    and forever is losing a stocking or shoe,
    who resisting or not, must do as you will,
    Is that what you're thinking: is that what you see?
    Then open your eyes, nurse, you're not looking at me. I'll tell you who I am as I sit here so still, As I do your bidding, as I eat at your will.
    I'm a small child of ten with a father and mother; Brother and sister who love one another; A young girl of sixteen with wings on her feet, dreaming that soon now a lover she'll meet; A bride soon twenty -- my heart gives a leap. Remembering the vows that I promised to keep. At 25, now I have young of my own who need me to build a secure, happy home.
    A woman of 30, my young growing fast, Bound to each other with ties that should last;
    At 40, my sons have grown and are gone. But my man is beside me to see I don't mourn; At 50, once more babies play around my knees: Again we know children, my loved one and me.
    Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead. I look to the future, I shudder with dread. For my young are all rearing children of their own, And I think of the years and love I've known.
    I'm an old woman and nature is cruel.
    'Tis her jest to make old age look like a fool.
    The body it crumbles: grace and vigor depart.
    There is now just a stone where I once had a heart.
    But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells.
    And now and again my battered heart swells.
    I remember the joys, I remember the pain.
    And I'm loving and living life all over again
    I think of the years, all too few, gone too fast, and accept the stark fact that nothing can last.
    So open your eyes, nurse. Open and see.
    Not a crabby old woman: look closer - See Me.

  8. by   galenight
    Why I became a nurse.. 5 years ago, my mother lay dying in a hospital. Dying of cancer of the liver. She was in a hospital many miles from my home. I had just been laid off and was fortunate to be able to spend the last week of her life with her. While sitting those long hours in her room, I became aware of one particular nurse who would repsond immediately to my questions, who when I said I thought my mother was in pain, came with the Morphine practically before I could finish my sentence. I remember her being kind to me, my sister and my dad. My mom should have died days before she did, but we believe she was trying to wait for my brother who was out of the country on business and too ill to fly home. She didn't last unfortunately. But that nurse and a few others at times, nursed my family as much as she nursed my mom. I am forever grateful to her. I had taken an entrance exam for nursing school a few years prior, but didn't enter due to a pregnancy. But after my mom died, I knew nursing is what I wanted to do with my life. Thanks to that one nurse, I went ahead with my dream.

    I also went into nursing because I'm a "people person". Ask anyone who knows me, I'm not shy. I love to help people. I love to bring humor into medicine.

    And lastly I knew I had gone into the right profession and specialty (I work in a rural ER), when after many attempts by paramedics and myself, I got an Iv on a seizing 3 year old (he'd been seizing at least 45 min, with O2 sats in the 70's). The ER doc said to me, If it weren't for you, that child could have died. I almost cried.

    I LOVE MY JOB!!!

  9. by   lisagh
    I became a nurse because as rough as it gets it is the only job I have ever wanted to do.
    I want to make things better for my staff (I am in management.) I enjoy working in not for profit facilities that serve their community.
    I too feel we need more positive in nursing. My world is not perfect but I feel we need to pull together in order to make a difference rather than apart.
    Best wishes in school to you.
    I have been a nurse for 16 years. The shortage makes it tough for all of us no matter what the role.
    Nursing is the best and hardest job I have ever heard of.
    Best of luck to you!
    Lisa www.georgianurse.com
  10. by   mustangsheba
    Don't be put off by the negativity. Nurses need to vent and the only ones who can truly empathize are other nurses. Most of us don't have time to interact much on a personal level with other nurses at work. When I'm working, all my energy goes to my patients. (I can't work nights and bless those who do). So I come to this forum and all I talk about is my frustration. That doesn't mean there are not rewards. Of course there are. There is always something new to learn, a feeling that you may have made a tiny difference in somebody's life. There are always our patients - sometimes PIA's but mostly unique and wonderful. (I try to be invisible to administration). If you're in nursing for gratitude, forget it. If you're in nursing for personal fulfillment, you're in the right place. Take heart! This is just a safe harbor for nurses.
  11. by   nurshathaway
    I have to be honest, a couple of the posts brought tears to my eyes... I especially find as I am getting a little older myself that I look at some of the senior citizens around where I live and realize the richness of their lives and I'm not talking a monetary means. Where when I was younger I would steer away from older people, seeing only the aging and sickness...know I've find myself looking forward to the times that I can talk with them and listening to the experiences they went through. Nursejanedough that was such a powerful post. It's important that we realize that we are not dealing only with sickness but with people who are sick and lonely and scared.

    The nurses that were influenced by other nurses when they were young are also great posts.

    Hope to hear more experiences and reasons for their choice of entering the nursing field.
  12. by   mustangsheba
    Nursehathaway: As I reread this, I realize I sound a bit of a prig, don't I! May I try again? Go to that beautiful, moving poem in nursejanedough's post. I have read it before but had forgotten about it. I like to think that I do see the persona of each of my patients. When I approach a patient who has been labeled, it is a challenge to "see" the real person - are they really grouchy or are they in pain, maybe they haven't had a real bowel movement for days on end, maybe a relative is not doing well and they feel powerless, perhaps this day is some sort of anniversary and they are feeling intensely sad and isolated. When a crabbed, old hand grabs at me as if to pinch and I can clasp that hand and look, really look, into eyes that just want to be looked into, and see that spark of surprise and pleasure that this hand is not pulling away, but is actually returning the clasp, that is just one of the tiny moments of my day that add up to why I will always be a nurse. And TruthSeeker, you stop calling yourself "just" a nursing student, girlfriend. You are doing the hard part now. We all started where you are. I have had much more fun since graduating than I ever had as a student.
  13. by   client
    I have enjoyed reading all of the postings. The reasons we go into nursing are many, but the bottom line is that we do believe we have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of folks we will care for. Believe me when I say, a student is not "just a student." I teach nursing in a practical nursing program, and have seen many of the students give awesome care. They have not reached the burned out phase, the angry phase or the apathetic phase. They have fresh, invigorating ideals leading them. They look at the residents in nursing homes not as 'nobody's,' but instead see them as human beings with feelings, thoughts, memories, and needs, in spite of their age. The approach of the student can be naive in some ways, yet this naivety allows them freedom in their approach. They don't think, well just because he or she is old, what's the use. The student believes strongly in what should be done, how the person should be treated, and what the environment should be like. The student is not limited by past experiences and failures. The student believes in what he/she is doing and will perform beyond the required objectives much of the time. Some of the best care the residents received this past semester was given by the students. Students are awesome!!
  14. by   sheripa
    I am a fairly new nurse. I went into nursing because I love helping people and also because I was a CNA and I said I can do that too. I love what I do when it comes to working with my patients and residents depending on what area I'm working in. It feels good to me personally when I can go into a patients or residents room and they are able to talk to me. Once I leave the room the other nurses will say how much that person had complained before and how they were happy someone else came in to take care of them and then I can say "he/she talked to me ok" or the the patient might say "you look like an angel". That is when I get so much satisfaction in my job and then I truly feel I made the correct career choice. While you are on the floor remember why you went into nursing and that will help you through your day (smile), because you will have your days when you question yourself about your choice believe me. The one thing all S.N.'s should know is the truth about nursing. It's not all giving meds, doing tx's, and charting. So there are some bad points that you will find out as soon as you hit that floor. Be prepared. And good luck