Why can't we just get along?

  1. Had a staff meeting today which basically consisted of all RNs reaming our NM and accusing her of numerous things, many of which I'm not sure were justified. It was terrible to see someone, regardless of their position, treated that way. Many in attendence ended up in tears, including the NM, but mostly there was just anger and accusations. This all started because she made an executive decision that many found fault with. (She is a NM that typically involves the staff in the decisions for the unit) I find it hard to understand why many RNs need to spread gossip, fuel back-biting and spread viscious rumors not only on their own floors, but to the entire facility. The stress level has been unbearable...the same people whispering in corners and recruiting other staff to jump on the band wagon. Some RNs never seem happy unless they are complaining about something or trying to cause someone else trouble. I used to think that I could make a difference and help change the negativity, but that really seems like the impossible dream. I am very discouraged and I feel very ashamed of my fellow staff members. If people spent half as much energy looking for solutions and capitalizing on the positives, patient care and job satisfaction would be twice what it is. Where has professionalism gone?!?!
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    What is the time frame that some nurses looses sight of what we are here for?
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    These sort of people would not be happy where ever they work.They are usually the ones that complain and who would never attempt to be nurse manager-Jelly fish people.
    One other way to describe them is that they are so Positively Negative they neutralise any good that may be in them.
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    Jelly fish people? You got a "beef" with my "hydro-skeleton" friends? Sodium is the most negatively charged ion in the human body, and we need it to survive. We need negative. We just have to encourage enough "potasium people" to come out of the "cells" and start mixing more with the extra-cellular fluids/people. If there were more and more positive people who would circulate amongst the negatives, we might have equilibruim, or homeostasis.
    Too many positive people get all their outer electrons knocked out by negatives, or from reactions with other molecules and macromolecules/relationships. Just because you have been oxidized don't mean you can't still function.
    Keep your protons strong and true, and keep your charge going at all times and lend some electrons to those negative folks. High electron transfer energy is what its all about.

    Mario (U235 in compression)
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