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Hey. I hope to be in RN program in the future. I know that schools require you to have a physical done by a dr., and I was wondering if your personal physician can do your physical or does the... Read More

  1. by   RN2007
    What if I cannot remember all the shots I had, where I had them, etc.? After all, as a child I had many shots but I don't even think that the dr. is still in business in the small town they were given and I do not have record of it. However, when I worked at a nursing home, I think I had one or 2 shots done before I worked there, as well as the tb shot and I think I recall a card they wrote the info down on.

    Is there some official medical record online or some other way that I could easily look up all shots I had in the past? And if I do not have documentation of such, will I have to have all shots done over or what? I know I had only chicken pox and mumps when I was little. Someone, please advise me. I hope to start nursing program in future.