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Started with a sore throat, progressed to nasal congestion and drip cough, aches in every joint and muscle, GI discomfort, progressed to wet cough with heavyness and occ. chest pain, aches continue,... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    Not terrorist.

    Mutations occur, right? Bacteria mutate, and will keep on mutating. We, as a species, can to it as fast as they can.

    When we introduce hysteria about germs, and folks swallow and start topically applying all kindza substances to mess with the bacteria, the bacteria will mutate. It's what they do. Some bacteria can even survive in the proximity of an atomic bomb detonation. Imagine that.

    Bacteria and virus just want to survive, like everything else. You give'em a place to eat and sleep, and they are happy. THIS is where our immune.sys comes in. Our immune.sys keeps all this in harmony, within our bodies. Just my thought and $0.02