Who Are The Walk Through States.

  1. I have decided to travel nurse, and I know that California is a walk through licensure state, but can you tell me any others.
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  3. by   VickyRN
    Pardon my ignorance... but, WHAT is a walk-through licensure state?
  4. by   P_RN
    I found this on the Delaware site. Apparently you just "walk in" and ask for a temporary license and get it in just a few minutes.


    Question: Is Delaware a temporary permit or a "walk-through" state?

    Answer: Yes. If the applicant meets the licensure requirements and pending employment in Delaware can be verified, a temporary permit will be issued.
  5. by   Gardengal
    I don't recall which states are walk through, but know that there are several now. When I last looked into it, (dreaming that I might be able to really travel for a while) I think I remember a number around 13 states. Two different travel companies were working with me then and they knew which states needed what.

    I'd ask a recruiter at one of the travel companies. Sorry I couldn't be more help. I do hope however that the number keps growing so that when I am finally able to do the traveling I want that the licensure requirements are more reciprocal.
  6. by   Agnus
    Walk through sounds a bit risky. Leaves the door open to fraudlent nurses. I would prefere to see a national license.
  7. by   jackieprov
    Rhode Island is a walk-through state. Massachusetts is not
  8. by   Shell7280
    ISn't this the same thing as the "compact" state thing? It's not really walk thru, it's just that they recognize your educational past and your licensure and instead of putting you through hell, they give you a license, because you are a professional. You can find the list on the BNE website, I'm pretty sure.
  9. by   Want2bRN
    Maryland is one you get temp lic for 90days.
    you have to do application for the reg lic before the 90 days is up if not u cant work anymore to u get it...
  10. by   rncopper
    No, walk thru states are different than compact states. ANYONE can get their license thru a walk thru state (you just show what ever current license/s they require you to show, plus the paperwork, finderprints, and, oh........THE MONEY!!!!).

    Compact states are 14 or so states that IF you are a legal resident of one of those states you do not need to get another compact states license to work in that state.
  11. by   WhiteCaps
    A travel nurse friend just gave me this site. For license compacts.
    Hope it helps.