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  1. by   mattsmom81
    A lot of LTC facilities are very blase about their staff reinserting a G Tube or a cut off foley- balloon apparatus....they think if they aspirate some fluid it must be in the stomach.... this is a dangerous practice, IM0.

    I've cared for way too many patients from LTC with major GI complications resulting from this practice: peritonitis, sepsis, abcess, necrotizing fasciitis, even death...due to this practice.

    There is too much risk of fistula formation, and I refuse to reinsert pegs myself ...I notify the doc for proper followup. IMO, they should be done under fluoro and/or checked just like we check Dobbhoffs and feeding NG's for proper placement.
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  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    How long do you think that sort of thing takes to develop?

    Feeding tubes pretty much just "drip" don't they?

    Right through the peritoneum huh. Sounds kind of easy to figure out, but we shall see.

    Ok, if thier abdomen starts swelling and resembles jello something could be wrong.