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What nursing skills do you absolutely hate doing? Even if it is super easy and not time consuming? Which orders do you read and just think to yourself, aw man! I hate doing that!! I'm just curious! ... Read More

  1. by   Medic/Nurse
    Well, all hail LESLIE as the GODDESS of the rectal tube!

    My patients generally do not have too much need for a rectal tube, but your plan for the good bowel health of your patients REALLY makes wicked sense!

    YOU ROCK!!!

    Practice SAFE!
  2. by   Medic/Nurse
    Well, all hail LESLIE as the GODDESS of the rectal tube!

    My patients generally do not have too much need for a rectal tube, but your plan for the good bowel health of your patients REALLY makes wicked sense!

    YOU ROCK!!!

    Practice SAFE!
  3. by   MissouriBSNstudent
    Why do you dislike giving rho-gam?
  4. by   pedsallergynurse
    Anything with sputum - ICKY!!!
    In my peds office I would have to say irrigating ears. Thyey either scream or jerk away with water going every where. Not to mention the amt of q tip material that comes out and the parent swearing they never put a q tip in their childs ear LOL
  5. by   hikernurse
    Quote from earle58
    i love, love, love rectal tubes.
    they are your pt's friends.
    i've seen so many kub's that reveal mass amts of free air, w/a grossly, distended abd.
    by golly, i'll try a rectal tube.
    and voila!
    much air expelled, nature takes its course.
    is your pt constipated/impacted?
    dagnabit, grab that rectal tube.
    and voila!
    peristalsis resumes.
    is your g-tube pt cranky and bloated?
    a rectal tube, you say?
    why thank you.
    i think i will.
    and voila!
    a soft stomach w/a smile.

    ng tubes are great for the upper body.
    as rectal tubes are great for the lower.
    so try it.
    they'll like it.

    Wow, Leslie. You almost make ME want one .
  6. by   LPN2RNdude
    [QUOTE=Blee O'Myacin;2436388]I dread:

    Saying "Is there anything else I can get you because [say it with me...] I HAVE THE TIME!!!!"

    OMG!!! u must work at the hospital where i work.... that AIDET thing..... its kinda goofy.... i always try to be nice to my patients and inform them of whats going on...... who tha hell ever came up with that AIDET should be horse whipped well... maye thats a little harsh!
  7. by   LPN2RNdude
    hmmmmm..... thats a hard one.... but i think id have to say medicating pediatrics in the ER ( i usually get another nurse to double check the dose with me.... what can i say im paranoid) and i HATE it when patients vomit..... the dry heaves with a little bile dont really bother me,,,, but pasta and roast beef particulate really makes me cringe and wish i was somewhere else
  8. by   Imafloat
    Quote from hikernurse
    I'm too new to be willing to do kangaroo care on a vented baby. The nurses who do that with the vented patients are always very careful to say that whether or not it happens depends on the comfort level of the nurse which takes a lot of the pressure away.

    Regular tasks are so much easier with the little ones--suctioning a baby is almost pleasant and trach care is nothing to dread, but what I don't like is giving babies their baths. I love after when they are all clean surrounded by clean linen, but I always stuck my own babies in the tub with me (a little inappropriate for my patients, I do realize) and handling a slippery little baby with all kinds of drains, etc. in a flimsy basin always puts me on edge.
    I love suctioning babies, it is so rewarding. NP, oral, ETT, or trach, I am your girl.

    I wish I had the talent to wax poetic on my love of suction catheters like Leslie's "Ode to the Rectal Tube."
  9. by   canoehead
    Fake pukers, just a little cough and a little spit and they want a full pampering treatment while next door someone is heaving from their toes.
  10. by   70sCat
    You guys are GROSS!!!! Hahaha

    Anything to do with the mouth grosses me out, I don't know why. Cleaning dentures and doing any measure of mouth care {{{shudder}}}

    I absolutely positively DETEST doing bowel routines!

    Phlegm {gag} gets me worst of all though.
  11. by   Nurse Lulu
    I used to hate abg's but, I practiced it to death, now it's not so bad....I hate doing peritoneal dialysis ...not hard I just hate doing it... oops and road trips...images of codes or pulling a-lines..vents..etc...CAT
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  12. by   confused101
    sunctioning anything. Foley female pt. IV in a confused pt. :0
  13. by   grace90
    I hate inserting NG tubes- I've only successfully inserted maybe 4, the rest I had to get help with. One of the last times I did it, on the first attempt I'm pretty sure it went into his respiratory tract because he started coughing and bubbling:uhoh21:. I took it out immediately. The LPN with me, who's been in nursing almost as long as I've been alive, really helped me get it down correctly. :spin:

    I hate straight-cathing males.

    I hate straight-cathing females, especially when everything's hidden and you have to go digging for gold.

    I hate enemas, especially the high volume kind that you fill yourself and hang from a bag.

    I hate hanging blood and hoping they're not gonna have a reaction.

    I hate doing chest compressions. Partly cuz I hate codes and mostly because it kills the heck out of my back.