Which is correct method admin meds via GT - page 2

I have not found this explained on previous posts. Patient has GT with 12 hr continous feeding fibersource and two 250cc bolus during other 12 hrs. Medications are crushed and administered via... Read More

  1. by   meownsmile
    I dont think it makes any difference as long as you have a clear port before and AFTER administration. Remember if you dont use enough flush afterward you may have a residual settle in the end of the tube and if its not flushed out it will clog up the tube like concrete. We have had to have the doctor replace tubes because they werent flushed properly after med administration.
  2. by   Kgodfrey
    I am nursing student, in my second semester, and we arre studin GI right now....our book says to stip the feeding, flush the tube with 30cc of sterile solution, give the med, flush the tube again, start the feeding back after 30 min. These is to insure the patency of the tube and allow the medication time to absorb.....Is this right? I don't know...but thats how I understand it.