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I have a question for the polls I haven't seen here yet. Where do you nurse, hospital/homehealth/hospice/nursing home/ clinic? Second question what is your speciality? Me, I work in a clinic... Read More

  1. by   mzread
    Supervisor for Home Health Agency. Will never work in hospitals
    again. Love Home Health......
  2. by   Nurse Maid
    RC Long Term Care Facility (almost only NON RC Employee in the place), Part time - Casual Basis - luxury of being able to say NO - 1 permanent shift (in 4 week roster - 10hr ND)
    Generally fed up though with Nursing - doing a 2 yr. part - time volunteer placement with an Alcohol and Drug team - planning studies in same next year - Although really stepping out of safety zone initially - Love the new, confronting, eye opening field of work - the big picture really is huge if you open your eyes to day to day issues - that are out there - A&D have huge issues to deal with - certainly given me something to think about
  3. by   ERRN5778
    I work in a hospital on a tele floor...here we handle everything from heart cath patients to CEAs, pre and sometimes post CABG, to r/o MI to CHF, and every now and then med surg type patients
  4. by   Monica RN,BSN
    LTC management, Staff Education and Community Educator for area facilities to do inservicing. Also have done ER and ICU as well as home health.
  5. by   autumn-moon
    Psych Nursing.
    Acute Psychiatric Services....State Hospital....Admissions Unit (adult and adolescent).
  6. by   barefootlady
    27 bed med/surg/tele unit in 220 bed hospital. Have done psych,ortho,peds. Acls certified. Am thinking of home health for awhile. Or travel nursing.
  7. by   HARN
    hospital cardiac unit
    Love it....
  8. by   hconv
    diabetic/pulmonary/anything----for the time being.....
  9. by   wif411
  10. by   asil
    I am an Oncology nurse. I was working in a hospital. I am currently working agency in a hospital and working med surg and PCU
  11. by   TenderTee2
    Hi. I work in Labor & Delivery. Been doing it for last 6 years...I love it....I work in Atlanta.....36 L&D's, 16 antepartum/triage rooms.....5 OR's.....
  12. by   Shed13911
    Right now I work as a RN Pediatric telephone triage nurse. I love it.:kiss
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  13. by   RN~in~CT
    I am working on a general surgical floor, and I LOVE it!!