Where do you get your CEU's from?

  1. Courses offered from your working institution, community college courses, online offers??

    Does your employer offer CEU courses? How often? And is their a charge?

    I work in a large, major city hospital. It's a teaching hospital. Going from a small, non-teaching hospital to a large teaching hospital I thought they'd offer more CEU's.

    The main CEU's I get are for ACLS re-certification. Prior year's I've tried to collect CEU's from my employeer. But the hospital I work at is far away and I'd have to make a special trip to get CEU's. (which for most offerings the CEU's are 2.2...not worth the drive and getting a baby-sitter.

    Last time I received a mail about ordering books and taking a test. I got my CEU's that way. It was a lot easier.
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  3. by   tiger
    CME Resource #800-232-4238. easy and cheap.
  4. by   sajaha
    Hi there, last year I took a Legal Nurse Consultant program and got plenty of CEU's. But before that, I got them on the internet. It's easy and thrifty. It's easier for me cause you can do them in the middle of the nite in your birthday suit if ya want to

  5. by   RNforLongTime
    I got this book in the mail about two months ago from a place in California, can't think of the name but it's offering 31 CEU's for 29 bucks. Plus for all of us Ohio nurses, it includes 1 contact hour regarding the Laws and Rules of the Ohio BON, which is a new requirement for 2001-2003. SO, that's what I am gonna do. My head nurse seems to always turn down requests for nurses to attends seminars that offer CEU's. Says there isn't enough staff to cover.