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I've been reading this web site for a couple of months and also work the 12's, that is all that is available where I work. I and others seem pretty tired at the end of 3 12 hour shifts! I realize... Read More

  1. by   Jules A
    Quote from meownsmile
    I think part of it came out of continuity of care for patients also. You have to agree that people get better care when there may be only 2 nurses caring for them over a 24 hour period than if 3 or 4 people are taking care of them.
    Thats kind of what I was thinking much less disorganization from shift changes. I agree with the thought that 8 hours exhaust me so adding another 4 on really isn't a huge deal most of the time. It would be nice for people to have the option though because I know 12s aren't for everyone.
  2. by   shill

    My name is Sherry, first time on the board. I work the 12 hour night shifts (7p-7a) in the emergency dept. here in the FingerLakes area in New York. I just prefer working 3 days a week compared to 5-8hour shifts. I have to admit that 3 in a row is tough, my shifts don't always fall like that, usually 2 on and 2 off 1 on. Where the 12's come from, I have no idea.

    I'm a hairdresser also(for 30 yrs) and I own a shop, so these shifts enable me to still do my regular customers on Fri. & Sats. and then I work an extra day or two at the shop to do whatever...you see I also have a Heat Transfer Press machine, where I can print up teeshirts, canvas bags, mouse pads things in this line.

    In my "Spare" time I assist with autopsies, I enuculate eyes and do hair at Funeral Homes.
    I also have a 14 yo son(going on 40) who is the idol of my eyes,who I love to spend time with. But he's at that age, where he like to spend the time, 4 wheeling, going to the movies, races and so on with his buddies, which is great for him, we get our times in together.
    I'd like to thank Allnurses for wishing me a , I am as old as the year I was born. I'd like to say I was born in '35, but in REALITY the numbers are reversed. Oh well, I don't feel my age, and alot of people say that I don't look my age, my son says, "You don't look that old"..wasn't he sweet!
    That's about it for now, Everone..have a great day!