Where Can I Buy a Fanny Pack??

  1. Greetings All! This isn't very "medical" or "techno" but I would be ever so grateful for some sources where I can buy a "fanny pack"... the kind that are relatively flat-lying with the body, have several layers of open slots/pouches, and have a snap-on closure. I'm shocked that I can't find them in the local uniform shops nor can I find them online. It's easy to find the "hiking" type of fanny packs that are just one big pouch but that's not what I'm looking for. Thanks for any suggestions you might have!!
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  3. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR

    or Sierratradingpost.com

    should have some....
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    Eastern Mountain Sports has them also. They gear everything to hikers, so everything is lightweight/sporty. I think they're at www.ems.com or easternmountainsports.com.
  5. by   gwenith
    Warning to all Americans - the term "fannypack" has an entirely DIFFERENT and very naughty meaning to both Brits and Aussies.
  6. by   Owney
    Best one I got in Tijuana. Got another nice one at the state fair, from a pretty Pakistani Lady. Both of them were nice leather with several pockets and two big flat ones in the front. These are great for my peripheral brains and notebook and pens, calculator and small surgical tools. The best ones come with a nice belt, (which I usually have cinch down, being a broomstick). I put holsters for my phone, pager, REAL scissors, Swiss Army Knife, MiniMag lite, pepper spray, (just kidding.) DO NOT EVER CARRY PEPPER SPAY OR USE IT ON ANYONE, IT WILL ONLY P*SS THEM OFF AND IF THEY DONT KILL YOU IMMEDIATELY, THEY WILL SUE YOU! The only reason for the existance of pepper spray is for dogs.

    OK OK so back to fanny packs. Look for good stitching so that you don't have to patch it up with 3-0 silk from time to time. Other thing to look out for is the quality of the zippers. Neither of these is much of a problem. The quality control is extremely good in those third-world sweatshops. The child who made my butt pack would have been beaten nearly senseless if she produced anything other than first-rate workmanship. One thing to look out for is the materials and stitching used as walls of the compartments. Sometimes it is cheese cloth. When holes develop I need to patch them with rayon surgical tape.

    Other than the fair or Tijuana, I don't know where to send you, but I would stay away from uniform shops, and by NO MEANS should you go to W*ll M*rt.
    They probably have some good ones, but stay away from them. I've never set foot in one, since I found out how they do business by treating their employees worse than nurses, and putting ALL of their competetion out of business. Staying away from their good deals helps assuage SOME of my guilt of buying sweatshop goods. Try to find a place that sells imports, preferably from some third-world transplant folks in your area. I usually find them near the gloves, purses and other leather personal imports.

    If you find one that seems to suit your needs try to find another one like it. I keep one for "overstock" and empty them both out to dispose of expired drugs and make sure I have the needed doses of each med and appropriate syinges to give them. I also have to update my idiot cards. I almost never buy any reference that is over two years old, unless it's for my museum. When I grow up I want a PDA.

    Hope this helps.

    Love :blushkiss
  7. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Quote from gwenith
    Warning to all Americans - the term "fannypack" has an entirely DIFFERENT and very naughty meaning to both Brits and Aussies.

    I can only imagine :chuckle