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I had a patient who had a HIDA Scan. Obviously, I knew the results, and the doctor knew them but didn't come in to the hospital to discuss with the patient the fact that he would need surgery because... Read More

  1. by   TiffyRN
    I just saw the post above mine. I wanted to add that recently our hospital started a transition to electronic record. This has dramatically reduced the number or parents demanding to see the chart. They have the right to review the medical record after signing a release to acknowledge that they are reviewing an incomplete medical record. But since we no longer keep so many things on paper they don't seem compelled to rifle through the papers like they used to do. I'm sure that will change some day but for now it's nice.

    Mostly we had parents wanting to find out what we were "hiding" from them (nothing). But sometimes we had parents wanting to see results of their child's (infant's) drug screens which we had already discussed with them. Once we had an aggressive father that wanted to get the contact information of a social worker who had been handling their Child Protective Services case. Of course there was only the employee's name on the forms he wanted, and he already had that information.
  2. by   ghillbert
    In a critical care environment, I have no problem telling patients/spouses about results. They are usually hanging around wanting to know about, for example, the creatinine and whether it's going up or down in a patient who's been getting hemodialysis. I feel perfectly qualified with most labs to explain what the trend is. Exotic things, I'll say I don't know enough to tell them.

    Things like echos, or today a patient wanted to know about their right heart cath, I will just say the doc needs to read the scan/etc and tell them about the results. Lord knows I have minimal idea about the various blobs on an echo...