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This is a long time ago! More than 24 years: The first IM shot: He was a cachectic old man dying of bony mets and he needed a pain shot. I just remember giving it in the vastus lateralis and... Read More

  1. by   santhony44
    My very first clinical ever. I was scared to death! We were at a VA hospital to take care of the little old men. The first day, I think all we did was baths, beds, and vital signs, and we were assigned in pairs. Neither of us had ever had *any* hospital experience. Our little old man was a CHF case. Of course, we didn't have a really good understanding of "heart failure." We were both terrified he was going to do something too strenuous and die on us! We wouldn't let him do *anything* for himself! I'll never forget it.

    Another memorable day was also in my LPN clinicals, near the end. We were on an ortho floor and I had a lady who'd fractured a hip and had surgical repair. Her Foley had been pulled and she couldn't "go." So I turned the water on in the bathroom sink hoping the running water would give her the "urge." Then for some reason I left the room forgetting about the water. I ended up going to lunch and came back to find housekeeping in the hallway with a shop vac! The sink had stopped up and flooded the bathroom, the patient's room, and part of the hallway. I was soooo embarrassed! My instructor just laughed and told me I'd never forget again!
  2. by   Anna Maria
    OK...here's my most embarassing moment....
    My first clinical day as a nursing student. I was 18 years old and the only time I was in the hospital was to visit people. So there I am...scrubbed in my all white uniform and cap when one of the nurses asked me to help hold a patient. So, off I went. When I got to the room, I saw this little old woman, a bag of bones really, crying out. Four of us rolled her over on her side while another nurse proceeded to disimpact her. She was screaming at the top of her lungs "Wait until you're old and they do this to you!!!" Next thing I know, I'm looking up from the floor where I had landed after I passed out. Right above me, I saw a nurse looking down at me shaking her head saying "Let me guess...a nursing student"
    I was mortified. I survived and now I work in a trauma unit....oh how far we go in our lives
  3. by   pebbles
    Pediatric rotation.

    7 year old chinese boy - his family were brand new immigrants to the country and neither teh boy nor his mother spoke any english. Interpretere was unavailable at the time. Prepping him for surgery, he needed an NG inserted. H ewasn't my patient, but I had never put in an NG so my instructor came to find me.

    So my instructor and two other nurses held this boy down as he kicked and screamed, and I shoved this tube down his nose. My instructor (a brand new grad herself) somehow thought this would be a good learning experience for me....

    That was the day I decided pediatrics wasn't for me.

    On a side note, too many of my instructors were brand new-grads themselves who decided that they wanted to get into teaching. Since more advanced education isn't a requirement of a "clinical facilitator"... we got to be their guinea pigs. Still makes me mad.

    Also hated my labour and delivery rotation - the most common thing we were told was "it's really diffiocult to explain this... it's difficult to teach it to your patients... if you've never had a baby yourself" I felt like rolling my eyes and saying should I come back in ten years?
  4. by   RNConnieF
    ...The time I did post mortum care with Maggie-who was right off the boat from Ireland and VERY superstitus about a dead body. She was trapped between me, the body and the instructor. I guess we should have told poor Maggie that dead bodies make noise when they are moved. When we turned poor Mr. Jones over his eyes FLEW open, he groned, and he vomited a blood type product. Poor Maggie was trapped in the cornere with me blocking her way out and Mr. Jones blocking the other exit. I'm not sure to this day HOW she got past me and out of the room.
  5. by   CATHYW
    Giving my first Im injection. I am sure I felt it as much as the lady who received it. She'd had a radical mastectomy the day before. I did it without a hitch, but was awfully shook up. My little instructor ( a tiny lady with a pronounced listhp), said afterward, "Sthee there? With the pain from the thergery, the pain from your injecthon wasn't bad at all. You actually helped her feel better." I never had another problem with another injection, but I am empathetic with the receipient, every time I give one, to this day!