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I'm not sure if any of our retired collegues read these threads, but I was wondering if anyone ever thinks about retirement. When do you say to yourself, "OK, enough is ENOUGH. It's time to call it... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Originally posted by night owl
    Arthritis in her hims is getting bad...Sounds like mine! God bless her... 72 and still working when she can. I can't even see myself doing any kind of nursing at 65! By then it'll be my turn in the "Home." God I hope not.
    Smarty pants ok her HIPS are bad (she doesn't have a him-maybe if she did her hips wouldn't be so stiff )

  2. by   Cubby
    Nurses sure are an odd lot aren't we?
  3. by   Chuckie
    I plan to enjoy life after I retire
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