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What is your "woo hoo, I'm off work" transition routine? Mine is to sing to the radio on the way home like a maniac, hop on the treadmill for awhile, clean up, and go out somewhere fun with... Read More

  1. by   coffee4metech
    Spend the only day off I have which is SUNDAY with my DH and veg and eat . I work a crappy schedule 4 hour shifts six days a week and 2 days with double shifts. So when I have time off I use it to catch up with all the talk and gossip and plan for next week!!!
  2. by   Roy Fokker
    In no particular order:

    * Sleep
    * Clean my gun(s). Head out to the range. Shoot targets - with friends (if we can all manage to get time off).
    * Read a good book (one of the hundreds I have on my "to read" list!)
    * Watch old movies (partial to James Stewart/Clint Eastwood/Paul Newman movies)
    * Go for a swim (at the pool)
    * Visit my sis-in-law. See/play-with/spoil my little nieces (rotten!) Eat great 'home cooked' food while I'm at it.
    * Go out with friends for a night out on town - usually includes some kind of 'live music'.
    * If in season, go to a hockey game! [GOOOOOOOO SABRES!!!]

    I think that covers it

  3. by   Callmecrazy1234
    i usally eat enough for the next week cause ill be so buzey ill forgut