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Hey Everybody! I was just wondering... What is your favorite shift and why???? (I'm so curious to see what everyone has to say!) :)... Read More

  1. by   julie0125
    I love second shift. I feel like I get a little more time to connect with my residents (nursing home) than the day shift because of all the calls, new orders, paperwork, etc. I also like the fact that I will generally have an hour of quiet when everyone is in bed to do my charting, etc. I liked days because I was off early but I just hate getting up. Overnights are my 2nd favorite I guess, but when I work them I am usually doing a double.

    Take care!
  2. by   DeLana_RN
    I'm starting a new job in two weeks with hours that sound perfect to me: 11:30-20:00. I'll be able to sleep in and still have time family time in the evening.

    My last job had the worst possible hours: 5:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., 4 days a week. Oh, I hated those hours and couldn't get used to them in 5 years!


    P.S. I'm absolutely not a morning person, never was, never will be. Note the time I posted this
  3. by   bluesky
    I really wish I had a favorite because...

    I am better on days (7A-7P) because I prefer being busy, participating in rounds and more roadtrips and I am way, WAY more awake. Yet the whole administrative presence is a downer.

    Yet, I work nights (7P-7A) now because that is where the agency needs are in my community. I really don't like the housekeeping expectations of us on nights (bedbaths, stocking, totals). But what I really, really, really love about nights is the staff. In my experience, night staff are generally more easygoing and teamwork oriented. I know that sounds biased and of course there are exceptions but... another major difference is that the physician presence in the ICU is way more scarce on nights. This has benefits and drawbacks.