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Hi all - was wondering if you could share some more stories, I love hearing about everyone's experiences and talent on this site. What's your favorite specialty area in nursing? Do you work in... Read More

  1. by   mom23RN
    I went straight into ER and never worked anywhere else (except ortho as an LPN just before I got my RN). I LOVED evey minute of it, but I'm a complete adreneline junky as well.

    I loved the excitement, the commraderie with the docs, how great everyone worked together (now that was only on nights - days was a whole nother story).

    No.... I do not work in it anymore. I got out of nursing after just 5 years when my daughter was born. I now do medical transcription from home. :spin:
  2. by   Jennifer, RN
    I went into telemetry as new grad because my dad had been very ill and died when I was young of heart disease (at age 45) and I wanted to learn as much about the heart as I could. I worked there 5 years and grew tired of the pt overload and the high level of acuity of the pts. It seemed like I was doing the same thing everyday and I grew bored. I hated going to work.
    Then, fighting back my fear of change and fear of failure, I transferred to the ER a little over a year ago.
    I would never work anywhere else. I love the ER, the constant change, the challenges that arise every day. I love having doctors right there if you need them. I love working with so many types of people: fellow nurses, paramedics, doctors, resp therapists, police officers, psych techs, xray techs, lab techs. I love the special sense of humor that ER employees have. I love the traumas and codes. I love all the food we eat. I love the fact I never get pulled to any other floor. I love the variability of the schedule and hours.
    I love everything about the ER, even the bad days are better than my best days on the floor.
  3. by   lannisz
    I always knew I wanted to do OB/LD nursing even before going to nursing school. Of course it was my favorite rotation and the only clinicals that I actually looked forward to. After graduation I did some time in CCU and hated it. Then I did some time in Med/surg to get general experience - didn't lik it, but got some good skills, got some experience in an urgent care clinic setting - it was just OK, but the schedule was great. Finally I am working in OB/LD and loving it like I always knew I would. It's nice to finally end up where you belong!
  4. by   angelcharm
    er and or is nice.. its toxic.. haha...
  5. by   Nitfree
    I have been an LPN for 31 years and have worked in every area of nursing there is and never quite found my niche until becoming employed by the health dept in community health. I was assigned to an elementary school to run the clinic there and I absolutely LOVE school nursing!! You see everything disease from A to Z; and it is basically pysch nursing. From boo-boos to committee meetings and then to opening the special needs shelter during a hurricane I love every aspect of school health and public health. I have worked here for 5 years and plan to stay until I retire. It has been the most fulfilling and rewarding area of nursing I have ever been in. I would love to become a certified school nurse but they only offer the program to RN's. :spin: