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Brief scenario: 75 yo, admitted for ulcerative colitis about 3 weeks ago, colon resection with colostomy about 1-1/2 weeks ago, admitted to our ICU, day later necrotic stoma, next day subtotal... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by susanmary
    With HIPPA, how can we even discuss these things with the families against a patient's wishes? A competent patient should be able to choose. As nurses, we can advocate for our patients and their wishes -- but that often is in contrast with the "system" and family's wishes. It's so hard being a nurse.
    Well it is still happening. It is usually not the bedside nurse that is doing it. She is to bussy doing the right thing and careing for and advocating for her patient. HiPPA does not seem to have stopped MDs and administration from discussing things with the whole family. I see it all the time. Patient rights and privacy are every bit as much a joke as ever.
    I even see RTs, speech therapist, PT, OT and CNAs discussion literally every nursing and medical issue with family and friends of patients and giving them advice and prognosis on aspects of the patient's care that our out side of that person's field of expertise. I see OTand PT advising family that the patient on Vents should be denied ativan, ms etc. They advise on all the meds and nursing treatments. They expect nursing to follow orders from therapist. Oh yea see ilt all the time. Reporting it does nothing.
    Patients and family assume that these "medical" people know what they are talking about.
  2. by   Zinnia
    I think you were the best thing going for this patient. You didn't fail you were, outnumbered.
  3. by   Debra Ruffing
    You are right that the advanced directives are a shameful sham. The other side of the coin is the family who is trying to carry out the patient's advance directives and is constantly harrassed by staff to change them. Who gave any nurse or doctor the right to be judge and jury on what a patient wants? I get so tired of being bombarded by the doctors concerning my Mom's care. When you are on the other side, you see how we fail as health care providers.
  4. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Jenny P
    Passing Thru, that was some of the crassest garbage I've ever read on the American medical care anywhere! I am glad I live no where near you (I don't even know where you are; but it must be a foreign part of the country and a LONG way away from me because no one I know has that type of mentality here! The idea of docs keeping a pt. alive to suck Medicare dry; and nurses etc. putting up with (and supporting!) it!

    What a pile of RUBBISH!
    that WAS a hard one to swallow but let me tell you, it's a harsh reality. many of these hospitals are teaching hospitals and will exploit a pt. for the sake of either learning opportunities for their residents OR as a financial incentive via medicare's reimbursement system. yep, it sucks totally. and what's even more outrageous is an icu nurse walking onto their shift w/o knowing what's going on, for whatever reason. every single icu nurse should maintain the HIGHEST standards of care or get the hell out. this crap happens everywhere, and having worked in the icu before, there's an awful lot of political and unethical crap that goes on, at least in the icu where i worked. i left there like a bat out of hell. so people, sometimes we have to remove our rose tinted glasses because our medical system in the good old usa is corrupt and sucks in too many ways. and on day 61, i've seen many a pt. get the boot for their inability to pay. this nurse who advocated for her patient is a hero in my eyes but because of the b.s. that does occur, another pt's rights will go right down the drain. and agnus is so right on.........it's the entire system that has failed us. what passing thru said obviously hit a cord in all of us but there's alot of what she said is so damn true.