What would you do?

  1. ..........if you were trying to figure out what your true calling was, but had no idea, but wanted to do something other than what you were doing?

    My current job is pretty cushy, fulltime, but doesn't make so much that I couldn't leave it, and it certainly is not a career nor will it lead me to a career (pretty entry level). I don't care for the hours and sitting all day makes my back hurt. Data entry, pretty much. Mostly I stay there for security.

    Nursing became an option for me a long time ago, I did the pre-reqs. I am slated to begin the ADN program in July. It is a part time program that will possibly enable me to work full time while in it. It will take 2 years to complete (it goes year round). I am still not sure if nursing is for me, but don't really have any better ideas right now. I am pretty sure it is medical field (ie, phys therapy, dietetics, laboratory, etc).

    So.......assuming your current job was not really going to take you anywhere, would you sacrifice your current security atleast to get the ADN, even if you may realize within the program that it was not right for you? I am 29 years old, married and no kids, could afford my bills if I work part time, just barely. I would have to get a student loan, but the ADN program here runs around $5,000 dollars, pretty cheap IMHO. Starting wages where I live for RN's would represent a $8.00 per hour increase from my current wages, but, of course, much more stress. And I could always get my BSN, or a different bachelors for that matter....

    Am I still young and should go for it even if it does not end up being right for me or should I stay in my cushy BORING job for security only until I concretely figure out which direction I want to go (which has not happened yet in 29 years)?

    Please help me decide! Am I just scared to change?

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  3. by   ERNurse752
    Could you job shadow a few nurses? If you haven't already, that is something that will help you decide if it's really something you want.
  4. by   CarVsTree
    You sound like you've thought about it a lot. You need to think about what you like. Find out what you know about PT, what you know about nursing. Get a job if you can in a hospital or nursing home and see how you like patient care. It is very hard work and if you don't like it, you will be miserable. Even if you like it, there will be many days you're struggling to get through the shift.

    The beauty of nursing is if you don't like bedside/hospital nursing you can go into home health, physician's office, school nurse, nurse educator, and the list goes on. Keep coming around here and reading the posts. I can't get enough of reading about nursing stuff. I live, eat, breathe this stuff.

    Visit the nursing success stories forum. Also visit some of the specialty forums and see the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful sides of nursing. Only you can decide to take the plunge.

    I wish you well in whatever you choose.
  5. by   MissPiggy
    Please help me decide! Am I just scared to change?


    Change is always scary, but the nursing field is so wide that you are BOUND to find something you like; hang in there at least for a semester or two... maybe you will finally find what you want to do "when you grow up" <-- this comment from a 52 year old who still hasn't decided!!!
  6. by   Curious1alwys
    Thank you for all the good advice. I will let you know how it goes...