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Hi guys, I'm 19 years old currently taking prerequisites courses for the adn program in a community college, I'm developing a big passion towards taking care of patients in and out of the hospital.... Read More

  1. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    I'm smart enough, good enough and I should go for it. Believe in ur abilities more. Oh and don't date that guy Cory bc ur wasting ur time- lol
  2. by   pnkgirl25
    That instead of taking Printing Occupations in high school for ROP I should have taken the LVN program. I could kick myself in the rear every time I think about it.
  3. by   jtoms
    One of my big concerns is the tuition fee, and since it's been going up this past 3 years. What are some of ur tips to make some sideline money or how to manage your money right at my stage?
  4. by   Orion81RN
    Work as a CNA for the experience AND to learn the realities of healthcare. Preferably in a hospital. As far as learning the realities of healthcare, this site is a great site to learn from others' experiences. I was HUGE on research before going into Nursing, trying to learn exactly what I'm getting myself into. I wasn't aware if this site til far into my schooling however, and was in the shock of my life right before graduating learning there a few few jobs for new grads with no experience. You could handle an interview great with CNA experience. Other realities of nursing I was clueless on: poor staffing (nurse and CNA to patient ratios) lack of management support, gossipy nature of work environments. So my advice to my younger self, learn coping skills and practice them every chance you get, because life is going to throw curve balls, but with coping skills and SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE in your life, you can handle it and be a great nurse.Also, this is is HUGE. Burn no bridges. You're the only one that will come back to haunt. Well, you and your family.
  5. by   FlorenceNtheMachine
    19 year old Flo,
    Enroll in nursing school, break up with that horrible guy, and start exercising. Stop counting on that metabolism!
  6. by   madwife2002
    Start nursing school earlier, get masters degree straight after BSN. Watch your weight and make adjustments before there is a problem.
    Listen to all my mothers stories and take notes
    Laugh a lot, love a lot and follow your gut feeling!
    Slow down! and enjoy the flowers
    Don't become a manager
    Don't spend spend spend! Save money
    Dont get married young save yourself and enjoy your life
  7. by   Little_Mouse
    Quote from AnonRNC

    1. If your family doesn't provide good role models, seek out a mentor - maybe a professor, an older co-worker, etc. to help talk you through decisions.
    2. Get to know your TRUE self so that your decisions reflect your heart, not the influences of important people in your life - including family or a mentor.
    3. Don't get into debt (MAYBE for school, but nothing else for sure!).

    Great advice!
    I highly suggest you take a deep look into #2. It's can be a big investment (time and money) to choose a career, whether it be nursing or any other profession. Make sure it's really what you want to do. If you do decide on nursing, just get the BSN. It will make you more marketable and you can finish it all in one sitting.

    To make extra cash, work as a CNA! I wish I did...it would provide hands on experience, maybe help decide if it's what you want to do, and get your foot in the door. Put away at least 10% of your paycheck to savings. If you can live with your parents, do it. I did and it help me save a ton of money that I used to pay off my loans.

    I also agree with a previous post- try to focus on your education first before starting a family. Less obligations, less stress. And make time for yourself-- have fun!

    Good luck in this journey we call Life
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  8. by   Pudnluv
    Do what you love. If you truly love what you do, the money will follow. Also, it's never too early to start saving for retirement. Just investing a little now, then more later when you can afford it, will add up later in life. Learn to be self reliant. Love yourself. Smile and laugh alot. Give yourself laugh lines and crow's feet when you smile. It means you do it alot.
  9. by   xoemmylouox
    Finish that degree sooner..AVOID credit cards!! Take bigger risks. Forgive your father and spend lots more time with him.