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I have a tough decision to make. I am currently working 2, 16 hr shifts at my new job. Well, a great first shift position has just popped up and I love the unit manager. It would pay $2 less an... Read More

  1. by   carolmaccas66
    I usually do short days and it is good in many ways. I have time to sleep in, or stay up to watch news or a DVD. I can get food shopping done b4 I go to work.
    6 days is a lot but I wouldn't do 16 hours if I was getting older. It kills you after a while. I can't bounce back like when I was young - do late/earlies, then party all night. I think you have to think about what you can and cannot do physically in nursing as you get older.
    The 6 days could work well I think. Good luck with what you decide.
  2. by   skittlebear
    Yes, this post is old but I just wanted to thank you all for the awesome feedback. I did decide to take the first shift position at much less pay and I still work 12 hours every Saturday. I also work PRN for a different agency but I don't work their often.

    It's crazy that the job I had before when I posted this stressed me out much, much more. I got paid more but was more stressed. I was only working 32 hours a week there but carried my work at home almost every night.

    Now I work 6 days a week and am much, much happier. The money is not the best but my stress level....wow, what a change. Yes, money means a lot but when it's taking a toll on your health then it's time to step back. I'm glad I did!