What would you do- Rant

  1. Well it all started a few weeks ago, I got insurance thru my summer employer and went to see my new PCP (insurance mandated I could not use family doc) for my nsg school physical and titers, etc. Had been having GI symptoms prior and that was brought up.

    Well since then I have been dx with gallstones, barretts esophagus, ulcers, pancreatitis (comes and goes), and still having tests done. Actually in a lot of pain and discomfort. Also needing a lumpectomy and moles removed for testing so I have had many tests and seen many people- all who have been amazing. EXCEPT my pcp.......

    Well I go BACK to PCP for followup, and due to history of migraines, discuss that I can no longer take asprin and motrin for them and ask if going back on firocet may be an option (taken it since I was a teen off & on with no acddiction- a bottle of 30 can last 6 mos or longer). She tried to tell me I sure could still take excedrin that it didnt have asprin and then tried to tell me Fiornal and fiorcet were narcotics! i told her I did not want the one with codeine as narcotics make me sick and she still argued and even ranted she was getting the printout to prove it! She came back even madder that I was right. She proceeded I to say I needed to find a better alternative than taking the only medicine I have tried that works (allergic to imitrex) barring excedrin.

    THEN she proceeded to tell me if I took it I would have to rezelquish my drivers license as it is illegal to drive on that stuff and also that I can not be a nurse if I took it!! I am still floored!!

    Now I dont know all meds but I sure know some esp. the ones I have taken!! Well she refused to even look at my old Neurological records and said I did not need to send and wants me to go to a new neurologist for a full workup again (i have had a gazillion CT, MRI's, EEG's, etc.).

    Also, on my first visit, she told me "your moles are weird" nothing to make a person feel good about themselves! And when I told her I was not sexually active x3 yrs (and prior had been in a long term rel.) told me sex was dirty and men carry diseases and I should always, always use a condom. It made no sense!!

    Now despite pain, the only med I am on is prilosec and never ask for pain meds. and do not have a history of any abuse at all.

    What do you think? I know it is not the clinic I go to as it is a large well-known NE facitlity and all encounters with others (and there have been many lately) have been very professional and courteous and downright friendly and nice.

    I never got to tell her my right foot is having pain and stiffness and that since the tests, I have been suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness!

    What would you do?
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm sorry, but offering medical advice and analyzing what went wrong here are far beyond the scope of a nursing bulletin board. Please return to your physician(s) and ask them to explain everything to you; if they don't provide satisfactory answers, then find an MD or nurse practitioner (within your health insurance plan) who will.

    Good luck.