What would they do today?? - page 2

Our historic leaders--Nightengale, Barton, et al--are portrayed as brave and courageous women who really got things done for their patients and their profession. If any one of them were alive... Read More

  1. by   ceecel.dee
    They would be amazed by the technology we have to be able to use, understand and troubleshoot. They would be amazed that we must know a large part of the Dr.s job by catching inappropriate orders, by suggesting ALOT to get testing, meds, therapies our pts need that they have missed, that some doc's even RESPECT and ask opinions of us. They would be amazed at the fact that what they got started is now a PROFESSION that we are proud to be members of.....much more than 'handmaidens' with bedpans and a cool cloth to mop a fevered brow, although that is still part of it. They would be amazed that we band together politically to encourage legislation and have even been known to strike in order to stand up for ourselves and our profession. I think they would be (and should be) proud of what they started. Good nurses make all the difference in, and to the world.
  2. by   TrdNur
    I I think they would be very upset because of the limited amount of time they could spend with the patient doing actual patient CARE. They would probably go on strike.
  3. by   jayna
    They will go OMG this is not how we started it.
    and will faint.