What type of physician do I need to see?

  1. Sorry all..didn't really know where to ask this question. But I am a LVN graduate but have yet to take the Nclex.

    None the less, I have a BB stuck in my hand for around 10 years now, doesn't really bother me but occasionally it rubs up against a bone.

    The BB went through palmar side and is very, very superficial on the dorsal side. It is sitting between the metacarpal bones of the index and middle finger. I have tried in the past to remove it myself using EMLA cream, a #11 scalpel, and magnet...the EMLA just did not work deep enough haha.

    I don't have a PCP so I don't really know who to ask, but what type of clinic/physician should I look for to remove the BB?

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  3. by   serenidad2004
    Sorry but per TOS we cannot give medical advice
  4. by   dansamy
    Probably an orthopedic doctor. Hand surgeon?
  5. by   equalme
    Awesome, looks like a orthopedic doctor is who I should be contacting.

  6. by   dansamy
    Your thread will probably get closed though since it's seeking medical advice.
  7. by   akulahawkRN
    I'd say hand surgeon if at all possible. General surgeon can do the job though. If there's no rush, call around... there may be a surgeon near you that can easily handle what you need. Just balance the needs of your hand being sore every now and then with your hand being sore for a while after surgery...
  8. by   blondy2061h
    I don't think this really counts as asking for medical advice since you're not asking us for advice, but rather where to turn for true medical advice, but management has always taken a strict view on this, so who knows. I would think a general surgeon would be able to handle this and likely quicker than a hand surgeon. Good luck! I'm guessing there's a good story involved?
  9. by   Esme12
    It is medical advice....referring someone to a MD is medical advice. They could need an ortho, a neuro, a hand specialist or just a plain ole GP......without assessing the person it is impossible to give any kind of referral...

    OP ........I wish you the best. I say find a PCP or go to a urgent clinic to get the proper referral information

    Thread closed..