what type of msn? (Post# 1)

  1. what type of msn? (Post# 1)

    i'd like anyone's thoughts here on what type of msn i should pursue. my ultimate goal is staff development or possibly teaching adn students. i have looked into several programs. those offered in my area and online. i love ob and want to have a focus in ob, but to pursue a ms as a clin spec in ob, i'd have to travel many miles and pay out of state tuition. i am certified as rnc in maternal-newborn nursing and efm. i've been in nursing for 15 yrs., 12 of it in ob. the one local college i consulted was very discouraging when i told them my goal and they reminded me that w/o the msin a clinical fielsd i can't teach in a bsn program. that is not what i want to do anyway. i really do love ob and if there were better opportunities i'd certainly go for the clinical track. what would be my opportunities as a nurse w/ a msn in nursing education and my ob credentials and experience. any thoughts appreciated. also, i work full time and have 3 daughters 14, 12, and 9, so obviously i need to have a life other than school. thanks in advance.
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    You sound just like me!

    I was in your same situation, and I chose an MSN in Education program. The school is/was close to work, was in the evening and was an accelerated full time program.

    The program prepares you to teach in academia, staff development, or as a CNS if you desire. Whatever option you chose, you will be prepared to work in any of those areas.

    I may not even teach once I graduate, and may be doing something different altogether....and what I've found is a Master's with ANY focus is valuable. Unless a Master's is a practitioner program, most have the same theme such as philosophies, theories, etc. and adequately prepare you for any Master's level jobs.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.

    If you're interested in more about where I work and what I plan to do with my degree, see the thread "Need Career Advice."