What to give to a male nurse

  1. A lot of the gifts I've received over the years, for nurse's day, were accompanied by something like this: "I'm sorry, I didn't know what to get for a man." First of all, if you go through the trouble of giving me anything at all, no matter how girlish the decorative bow, don't appologize - I'm so glad you thought of me. Here's what I like to get for male colleagues: ink pens, tire gauge, pocket knife, (inexpensive)multy purpose tool (no man can ever have too many tools), a set of Allen wrenches, flash light, a flare, a book on how to get along with the left brainers . I would like to hear from all of you, male or female, what you do for nurse's day.
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  3. by   Baloney Amputation
    I sent my husband flowers to his work when I found out he passed his RN boards online. Otherwise, he has gotten canvas bags, pens, mugs, etc. He has had much worse luck with X-Mas parties. He has received stuffed snowmen and different "girlie" items that were given with the requisite apology for being not manly enough. The worst was when he received a crocheted container filled with Mary Kay and Avon product samples, all of which were womanly items like makeup.
  4. by   vashtee
    Nurses day? Wahoo!!!

    As a new nurse, I don't think I've even heard of this. When is it?
  5. by   bayside
    My wife got me a montblanc pen with my name and the RN behind it. It was the best gift, I could imagine. Becuase of the price of a Montblan pen. I get panic-attacks when I leave it behind and can't find it. Once, I left it at the nursing station to go to the bathroom and I noticed I didn't have the pen with me, and I ran out before going to find the pen in a doctor's hand. Yup, like he didn't know, it had my name on it. The pen has remained with me since graduation, due to it's value I never let it out of my sight.