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What is the funniest/worst/quickest (any adjective) shift report you've received? I was just thinking about one I got a few years ago when I worked in the nursing home that covered all three of the... Read More

  1. by   86toronado
    This is why I love ER nursing. Report consists of something along these lines:

    "Okay in room 1 you have a 65y/o male no cardiac history, chest pain for 3 days. Line, labs, EKG done, doc hasn't seen him yet. Room 2 is a 48y/o female abdominal pain, vomiting for 3 hours. Line, labs done, meds given. Waiting for CT and still need urine. In room 3 you have a 2 y/o with a fever and cough. Tylenol given, and the temp is down, he's up for re-eval. Room 4 is empty. Any questions? No, okay. Have a good day."
    This is a perfectly acceptable ER report. You're used to knowing nothing about patients when they roll in the door, and having to do some digging, and they turn over so quickly, you really don't need to know much more than what's been done, and what's pending. I went back to work the floor briefly after having worked in the ER for two years, and remember being one of the quickest report takers, because I would rather just look things like labs and new orders up for myself.
  2. by   ICURN3020
    Quote from phaniea69
    Love "box of chocolates"! I'll have to use that. I received a wonderful box of chocolates at 0620 just the other day.

    Another one is "alphabet soup" for someone who has many, many diagnoses:


    You know you're going to be busy