What kind of questions do they ask on the board exam?

  1. Does the board exam include math and science aswell? What type of questions are asked? ABout how many questions are included? Can you work temporarily without a liscence until you pass does test like teachers can?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Are you referring to the NCLEX, the licensure exam for LPN's/LVN's and RN's? The content is all nursing-related, but just like real-world nursing, you use your knowledge of math and science to answer many of the questions.

    Here's a link to the organization that creates the NCLEX. All kinds of info there. We also have an NCLEX Discussion Forum here at Allnurses.

  4. by   GatorRN
    I would suggest you pick up an NCLEX review guide. I highly recommend the Saunders Comprehensive Review Guide for NCLEX-RN. It is full of sample questions. It also comes with a CD that you can use to take sample tests. You can focus on particular subject areas or a general review. Pay particular attention to the rationales for each question. It will guide you as to why one answer is MORE correct than the others. You will get a good feel of the correct way to answer the questions on the NCLEX test. Good luck!