What is your most memorable moment in nursing.

  1. Tell me of a moment that you knew would be in your heart forever, or a moment that you felt "This is it, this is why I am in this field" I really don't have any of those moments to share yet, but I want to hear yours.
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  3. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I think I had been working LTC for about 4 months, I was having a HORRIBLE night. Just felt like I wasn't doing anything right. And had been feeling like I made a mistake taking this job. When I overheard a resident tell her family (this is a res who everyone dreads being assigned to..LOL) that I was the only one there who really cared about her. That single statement almost made me cry...because she could tell that I did and still do care for her. So I stayed with the LTC facility....3 yrs!
  4. by   joannep
    Most heart felt moment, mmm, I was 32 with 2 young children working in a trauma hospital with a burns unit. One of the burns patient's we had at that time, was a young women, my age, with the same first name as mine, who had 2 young children approx the same age as mine.
    She was in the burns unit with something like 80% burns to her body that she had received in a car accident. In fact, she was initially thrown clear of the car in the accident, but her children were trapped in their child retraints, in a burning car. She freed her children and in the process received those burns. Her two children had burns too, but no where near the degree that she had. She died.
    To me she was a hero, she did what any mother faced with that situation would do. Caring for a woman with the same name as mine, being the same age as me, with children a similar age to mine, made her situation and death so very close to me. Even now, 10 years later, I am writing this down with tears pouring down my cheeks. Some patient's you never forget. May she RIP.
  5. by   Pamelita
    so far as an 1 year RN, I had many good memories working with my ventilator patients. But one compliment just will stay with me forever and it just happened last week. I had a heavy COPD'r and DNR, a mess, dying in the worst pain, her daughters were at bedside really sweet ladies. When she passed, I was her nurse. When they left, I helped them pack all their stuff, one of the patient's daughters, held my hand and thanked me and told me:
    "I was so happy you were her nurse in her last moments, I was so glad she had a very good nurse that she'll remember" I was on the verge of tears!
    It's so rewarding to hear things like those! you will never forget