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I was just wondering what everyones opinion is of for profit hospitals. For those of you who work for a for profit hospital, do you like it and what does your hospital do with all its profits. Do... Read More

  1. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from brewer,rn
    though i do wonder that if i worked for a public for-profit place like hca and bought stock in them, would i be more motivated to work harder since i was a partial owner of the company?
    having experienced both sides of the coin i truly don't see much difference for those that don't have any investment within the given facility. following this further, when i worked at a profit facility i did see my share of "bonuses" being in the upper management position. undoubtedly, you have raised a question worthy of research if one's willing and motivated enough to follow through
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  2. by   Nurse_Wretched
    I worked for a for profit LTC just after graduation... The care was sub-standard at best but I loved my job there! The patients were a unique bunch of folks. We had everything...drug addicts, prostitutes, young disabled folks, elderly patients, severely mentally ill patients, etc... We'd see a story on the news and that person would get wheeled into one of our units several weeks later! LOL I miss that crazy place. I miss the staff, the patients, the entertainment...
  3. by   Nurse_Wretched
    Mostly, though, I have worked for non-profits... And it hasn't always been heaven! Trust me on this one! Some of them constantly understaff and blame the nurses for it. I last for 7 months at one facility many years ago. They were supposedly an LTC but the care was far more transitional than anything else. They thought nothing of giving me multiple admits in one shift while I had 22 other patients...many of whom would fall all of the time... Other were tube meds multiple times a shift, some were resistant to care... They can hire a new grad for that BS. I adored the patients there and I felt bad for them. They were not getting what had been promised to them.
  4. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from Little Panda RN
    Your thoughts and opinions welcomed!
    My not-for-profit hospital network made over $200 million dollars last year. The CEO makes around $2 million a year.
  5. by   Bklyn_RN
    Some things should not have a profit motive. Especially hospitals.
  6. by   Nurse_Wretched
    I agree, Bklyn_RN. It's unethical. The for profit hospitals/medical facilities hold the nurses to the highest possible standards while taking the low road themselves... The ironic thing is that any nurse they have deemed as worthy is too good to work for them.
  7. by   classicdame
    every hospital in the USA wants to make a profit. The status is just for tax purposes. Not-for-profit will not pay as much tax and raise money thru bonds (very political), but if they make a profit they have to re-invest in the company while keeping some for a cushion. Re-investing can be as simple as giving all the directors a bonus. For-profit raise money thru stock, pay taxes and re-invest any profits. Re-investing can be bonuses here too. Obviously, both can re-invest in equipment, capital improvements, etc but both want to make a profit. If the not-for-profit continues to lose money it will be hard to sell bonds next time capital is needed.
  8. by   Brewer,RN
    There's nothing unethical about making money helping people. Hospitals are businesses too. If they don't make a profit, they shut down. Then there's no healthcare for anybody, not to mention millions of health care workers out of a job.