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I thought that this would be interesting. As we have new graduates beginning to orient in our respective units, do any of you have any fool-proof pieces of advice for them? If you could only give... Read More

  1. by   stevierae
    Originally posted by cactus wren

    Remember that no one ever died from not having a bath
    Even if all vital signs are fine, if a patient says they are going to die....they probably are.
    If the monitor says that your patient is in v-tach, check him before you call a code......he just might be "playing" with his electrodes........happened to me as a newbie...........
    No kidding, cactus wren!! It seems like that ALWAYS HAPPENS; if a patient says, ominously, "I know I'm going to die" I tell the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, PRONTO!!! Often, the surgery is cancelled!! It's just a bad omen, and they are, eerily, often correct. I remember one of my first traumas to the OR--pt. says to me, "I just know I am going to die." Me, foolishly (being a new grad;) holding his hand, I reassure him, "We won't LET you die...well, guess what.....
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  2. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in th heart of Texas

    Play more golf, beat the crap out of those innocnt little white balls and have fun
  3. by   night owl
    the most valuable, absolutely, positively best piece of advice????

    [size=large]always, and i mean always cya...document, document, document!!![/size]
    even if you have to stay over to do it. legally, it is the most important thing you can do...besides getting your license renewed that is.

  4. by   fiestynurse
  5. by   BBnurse34
    Never, Never, Ever remain in a position that is not making you a happier person. Nursing should make you happy and proud.
    There is always an alternative within nursing.
  6. by   Esther Migongo
    Hi all,
    New to allnurses.com and enjoying it.

    My advice,'always treat the patient,not the monitor' or the obs.

    Always double check your drugs.
  7. by   Grace Oz
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
    Remember; what goes around, comes around.
    Never forget that as nurses we are there to SERVE!!... TOO MANY nurses forget this.
    Look, listen & learn.
    Keep a sense of humour.
    NEVER accept sweets that aren't in a wrapper!
    "Save" the sweet for "later", then bin it!
    NEVER give any information about yourself, where you live etc etc.
    Keep it strictly professional.
    Remember, doctors not only have an a******, but...
    Ensure your documentation is LEGIBLE! It has to be able to stand up in a court of law!...
    Never be afraid to admit you made a mistake.
    Say & do something positive each day.
    ALWAYS acknowlege & thank your co-workers at the end of a shift.
    Treat yourself to some small "niceity" each week as reward for a job well done! You've earnt it! :-)
    Keep visiting AllNurses.Com for inspiration, advice, encouragement, to vent, to laugh, to cry!!... HAPPY NURSING!
    Cheers from "Down Under",
  8. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    1. always keep your down and still

    2. Practice practice practice

    3. get lessons from the pro at the driving range

    4. Just realized we wereny giving advice about golf, shuckins
  9. by   RyanRN
    You have only TWO hands, don't apologize for that
  10. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of texas

    Remember we work for money, god I love capitalism
  11. by   Faby
    -I agree. Always LOOK and REALLY HEAR to your patient, nomatter what he is telling. Don't ever think of him as someone who doesn't understand what's going on.
    - Follow your instinct and think logically without previus thoughts.
  12. by   stevierae
    Some more thoughts;

    Learn something new every day. I am always changing my way of doing things, based on what I learn from new grads and new OR techs!! Promise yourself that you will NEVER become one of those RNs who gets stuck in the same old rut.

    Don't do things just because someone tells you "That's the way we have ALWAYS done it here. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, and think for yourself.

    If they criticize you for thinking for yourself, get the he** outta there. You will stagnate in a place that cannot appreciate new blood or new ideas.

    ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCTS. Always. They are rarely wrong.
  13. by   deespoohbear
    1. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT. It will save your butt someday, trust me. Always document when you call a physician, family member, or anyone else in relation to the patient. Always chart with the prospective that the chart could be read in a court of law someday. Not documented, not done. Period.

    2. You do not have to take any kind of abuse from anyone. A fellow co-worker, doctor, patient, or visitors. The minute someone threatens me I will call in the next higher level. This includes verbal, sexual, or physical abuse. I treat my patients, their families, my co-workers, and the physicians with common courtesy and I expect the same. Yes, I am here to assist with the patient's needs but I am not here for abuse.

    3. This has already been said also, but if a patient looks you in the eye and tells you they are dying, you better be believing them. They are not kidding.

    4. Always know your patients' code status. If something is not specifically written down, address with the patient and their doctor. I treat a lot of elderly patients and more than once has one gone down the tubes on me before the code status was known. I would hate to code someone who really didn't want it but never expressed their wishes.

    5. Always call a physician with abnormal labs, findings, VS, or anything else that is out of whack. Then document it.

    6. Go with your gut.


    Best wishes for all the new nurses out there.