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Someone has to define to me the logic and rationale behind the nurse, who while doing her treatments, stops, walks a quarter mile to go find the CNA responsible for the patient she desires to... Read More

  1. by   Sundowner
    The placement doth not maketh the nurse,
    The placement merley keepeth the nurse from the maketh of thy bed.
  2. by   Magicat
    I was a CNA for 15 years before going to nursing school. The last five of which I was a CMA. I am first and foremost there for the patient. I, too, have had CNAs who have said they LOVE to work with me. I believe, and was interviewed for an article in my hometown paper, that ANYONE wanting to go into healthcare should be a CNA first. http://www.angelfire.com/ks/viachristi Check out Maggie's Meanderings.

    There have been MANY MANY a night that I have worked OT because I let my charting go, in order to help patients who needed help. Or coworkers.

    And I am NOT about to change my ways now, been doing it that way for twenty years. (OMG I am OLD (35))

    So far I have not been reprimanded for the OT because all of my supervisors (even on other shifts) know why I am there late. And I am not above helping any one on the next shift if they need it.

    Just my 2cents....

  3. by   Magicat
    Do you know how God decided who would be Nurses and who would be Respiratory Therapists?

    SHE dug a trench and put everyone in it, then filled it to their chins with *hit, then cleared HER throat and spit.

    Those who ducked became nurses, those who didn't - RT!!!!!

  4. by   ingrid

    i am a 6 year lpnb and i work on a 24 bed medsurg/hospice unit. we only have pcts who are actually either nursing students in rn programs or cna's. we all clean poop, not a problem. plus most of the lpns have been there longer than some of the rn's have been born. sounds like power tripping to me. i try not to buy into all of that. i have trained most of the newer rn's simply because i have emt experience, home health, private duty and charge nursing experience. i teach phlebotomy to the newer rn/lpn nurses also and it's no big deal. we all have to learn. when i become an rn, i could never see myself power tripping like that but i have run into nurses at part time jobs who do that sort of thing. they should not be nurses in my opinion. that would never work on my floor anyway because we have alot of strong personalities with our nurses and no one person would allow such a thing especially the cnas/pcts. we have one male cna who is 66 years old. try telling him to change poop up before you do a dressing. he would tell you to go to h...!!!!!!
  5. by   JWaldron
    I don't want to answer a call bell while passing meds either, except for an emergency. When I go into give meds and the patient tells me he/she needs go go to the bathroom, or needs to be changed, I WILL turn on the call bell for them, explaining that I have to give other people their medicine, and will come back as soon as I can to check that their needs have been met, and I DO. Many times I am back before the aide can get there. Somwe RNs are lazy, some aids are lazy, some PEOPLE are lazy everywhere. I can and do change patients all the time, but, while either of us can toilet or change a patient, my aide cannot do my paperwork for me, or pass meds, or change a dressing, or give a treatment. The aides go home on time; I'm often stuck doing catch-up on charting, because the people come before the papers, and that's not going to change. That's just the way it is.