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I am currently working the 3-11 shift, the nurses on this shift are great. Very friendly, easy going, and fun. However, the 7-3 shift dumps on us continuously, the Nursing Supervisor makes it... Read More

  1. by   adrienurse
    It depends entirely on your life situation. I have worked all three shifts and they all have their pluses and minuses.

    Days -- More direct contact with support staff. I feel left out of the process if I don't do days -- things do not get attended too. Very busy because this is when all the suits and families are here.

    Evenings -- Quieter. Hard to have a life if you work all evenings. No suits, thus more relaxed. Better able to get work done. Get to sleep in.

    Nights -- Quieter still (sometimes). Difficult when there is a problem (less support staff). Harder to sleep -- more exhausing. Easier to loose touch. Really good for getting paperwork done. World in general has trouble "getting" that there are some people who are not available during the day for meetings etc -- because they are sleeping. Can be bad for your health.
  2. by   LinnetLegs
    Anything but night duty.
  3. by   BrandyBSN
    nights are the best Nurses and Techs all work together to get the work done... none the of the "its not my patient so I'll just sit here and talk on the phone while you run your butt off" the nurses aren't "too good to do bedpans". its a much more enjoyable atmosphere when everyone helps each other, and it makes the shift so much quicker.

    Hey huggietoes! Each shift has it's good and bad points. And it all depends on your life circumstances as to which one best fits your needs. It's alot of trial to find what works.

    As a rule, days is busier, docs & such require lots of time and hand holding and busy work. Evenings is a little quieter, but in my opinion has a greater amount of visitors to contend with. Evenings doesn't deal with lots of rounding docs or visitors (exceptions noted), but IMHO it's nights that alot of the paperwork gets dumped on.

    As far as "days dumps on us", "nights doesn't do their share".... I prefer to find those things out for myself, as each institution is different. I bet if you asked every shift, they would all say that about the shift before them. I also don't like to listen to people when they try to tell new people "oh, they're lazy" etc. Learn about the people and the shifts for yourself. The first people to say those things and pit you against staff are usually the people most guilty of the same or equal offense.

  5. by   smidgen21
    it's an individual and personal decision based on your life situation. i work days (7a-7p) and i love it. i also know people who work nights and wouldn't give it up. have you talked with your department manager about trying the other shifts to see for yourself which you like best? maybe work a week of days and a week of nights and compare your experiences to your current situation. good luck! just don't give up. nursing is so flexible, there is a schedule out there for you!

  6. by   nurse deb
    Hi Everyone!
    I think every shift has it's advantages as well as it's disadvantages. I enjoyed nights in the past because I
    don't like people breathing down my neck! I know what
    needs to be done and I'm not lazy. I'm a night owl so staying
    up all night never bothered me too much.

    I did enjoy my hours working wth the doctors in the derm office. There aren't many derm emergencies, unlike pediatrics and we were off by 4pm almost every day. I stayed busy, learned a lot and got lots of hands-on experience. The downside being you usually don't make as much working in physician's offices.

    I think I'd work whichever shift allows me the maximum amount of time w/ my children....
  7. by   Teshiee
    I agree with obnurseheather it depends where you work and I might add it can be a certain individual on a certain shift. Where I work I know days have its moments and things are crazy I don't complain because it can well get crazy on nights. Other facilities I have encountered certain nurses that continually dump on the next shift and I couldn't stand getting report from them so I would avoid them like the plague.

    I work so much better on night shifts. Even as a LVN I worked 11-7 then as a RN 7p-7a it is so much better I have a life it seems. Even my husband appreciates it better. When I had to work days for a month I was a real pms-bytch he was ready to kill me ahahahahahah it just depends on you!