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I'm just starting an LVN program to get my foot in the door. I was just wondering in what order is the "nursing career lader" go. Starting from a CNA the top. Take care everyone... Read More

  1. by   showbizrn

    CNA is the beginning of the nursing career ladder.

    RN is the beginning of the Registered Nursing career ladder.

    OH YEAH!!!

    There's a BIG difference!
  2. by   nurz2be
    Quote from jackson145
    Don't a lot of NS require you to have your CNA before starting? It's not required at my school, but I think some people do that first to make sure they'll like nursing before spending the $ on school. Also, it's a source of income while you make your way through college.
    The answer is no. What some schools that base acceptance on a point system is if you have such a background, it could give you some extra points where someone who has no medical background would not qualify for those points.

    I back in the early 90's was a CNA and then went into being a Certified Medication Aid. I did this for a few years before leaving the medical field. I am currently an RN student. I CHOOSE, and have a supportive spouse and student loans, that allow me not to have to work (Thank goodness) while I am in nursing school.

    I have heard mixed thoughts on this matter. 1 nurse manager told me they would choose a student who didn't work and solely focused on school and had yet another nurse manager tell me she would choose a student who worked while going to school. I will take my chances with the not working theory and focus on school. I realize MANY are not this fortunate (or some would say foolish to take out student loans).

    If I had it to do all over, I would have went to nursing school all those years ago.

    PERSONALLY, I don't think being a CNA tells you whether or not you will like nursing. Those are 2 TOTALLY different animals. Yes, they are in the medical field and deal with patients but their similarity almost ceases at that point. I have a friend who HATED being a CNA and has been an RN for 5 years and LOVES it. So, each person is made differently, thinks differently, and will have a love/hate relationship with nursing.

    GOOD luck with your decision making process.
  3. by   jackson145
    I think being a CNA or tech first would at least let you know if the smells/sights/sounds would get to you. You're right though, the work is definitely different.
  4. by   gradRN2007
    also with your RN you can get an accn (another title to put after your name)_
    accn is acute critical care nurse, where i work i took the class they paid and i have to wait till i have enough experience in critical care to sit for the exam,