What is Nursing Informatics?

  1. I'm curious. I've heard about informatics on this board and would like to know what is it?
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  3. by   classicdame
    A combination of nursing and information systems. Since IT is basically communication, it helps if a nurse can be the liaison between the two worlds. My friend who does this spends a lot of time in IS and trains nurses on new applications. She helps write some programs and helps determine the cost-benefit of new applications.
  4. by   Works2xs
    It's an attempt to get an IT professional at a nursing salary.
  5. by   Student at UMass
    I'm not sure if this is EXACTLY nursing informatics, but it's probably close. My mother is a Registered Nurse Clinical Systems Liason at a hospital, and she was hired with an ADN and over 10 years bedside nursing experience, but no programming or computer science experience. They trained her in all of that. She now works with IS to make sure their clinical computer systems work with what actual CLINICIANS need them to do...Not just what an IS professional *thinks* they need to do... SHe trains the new docs and nursing staff on how to use the system and is heavily involved in creating and implementing new IS programs for her facility. Even better, they're paying her way through a bachelor's in Computer Science degree. She LOVES this job. Another testimony to the Nursing Professions endless opportunities in various fields...
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Great info in our Nursing Informatics forum
  7. by   welnet66
    Quote from Works2xs
    It's an attempt to get an IT professional at a nursing salary.
    I have two friends who work for two different health information system companies. They are not nurses but some of their co-workers are. They will tell you first hand that nurses in informatics make on average over 50% less than nurses who work exclusively for health information system companies. These companies will provide training and do not require a masters degree. Kinda makes you wonder.....