What is Nsg Dx, and Why Should I Care? - page 3

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  1. by   MunoRN
    Even NANDA's own example clearly displays the basic flaw of NANDA based Nursing Diagnoses. Which description of the problem is more appropriate to base the patient's interventions and evaluation of progress on: "She learns the patient is breathing shallowly because he’s in pain. He’s suffering from postherpetic neuralgia as a result of a very painful course of shingles." or "Chronic Pain"? The first statement (ignoring the basic errors of logic in identifying the root problem and writing of a Nursing Diagnosis - chronic pain is clearly the 'related-to') is patient specific and is what we used to do prior to NANDA, post-NANDA that patient specific problem statement is replaced with the generic label of "chronic pain", going against the basic principle that Nurses see patients and their health issues as infinitely unique, not as one of 215 generic labels.