What is a good review book for the NCLEX exam?

  1. What is a good review book for the NCLEX exam?

    Also if you want tell me what books you think I should keep away from so i don't waste my money.

    Thanks all,
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  4. by   AMINI'SNURSE

    well i just took the nclex-pn on feb 13 2004 and i thought most of the books did'nt help me at all. most of the queston on the nclex were not even the type of questions on the test. i think you know or you don't. it just test basic nursing knowledge..i found out on feb 18 i passed good luck donna new lpn

    p.s here an example of the questions on my test

    your in the er and four pts are in the waiting room which one would you admit first--and it gives you four pts and their conditions
    most of the question were like that i only got two meds questions so hope this helps
  5. by   JacelRN
    Hi MJ-12,

    I studied from Lippincott along with taking a review course. I used the Lippincott to study subject material and it was great for dividing sections. I would recommend it to anyone preparing to take the NCLEX.

    I've also heard Saunder's is a great book.

    Perhaps the best idea is to go to a large bookstore and compare them. See which one you feel is best for you. Definitely go with one that can break it into sections and also one that has rationales and possibly comprehensive tests in the back.

    Hope this helps,
  6. by   pmanrnbflo
    I took NCLEX on Feb 9th, (and passed). I took the review class my school offered and bought NCLEX-RN Made Incredibly Easy, and Mosby's (4th edition). NCLEX Mde Easy.....What a fantastic book. The section on how to break down the NCLEX questions from Nursing process to Maslow's needs was excellent. lso, the CD was great too. I think that was the book that mae all the difference for me. I was more successful on the Mosby's practice questions and CD after I reviewed with Incredible Easy.

    Good Luck!!!
  7. by   nekhismom
    well, I don't know yet. I took NCLEX on friday feb. 27 and I won't find out if i passed until mon. or tues. But I used the NSNA 4th ed. NCLEX review book. Good outlines for each subject to make learning easier. Some of the info was outdated, though. i also used a kaplan cd, a lippincott cd, saunders q&a cd, sandra smith's review cd, etc. I borrowed all of my friend's cd's and studied from them.

    Actually, I think 3 or 4 of my actual NCLEX questions were straight from the cd or book. It was freaky, really.
  8. by   NICUbabyRN
    I used the Saunder review. I really liked it. That was the only one I bought. After I took the NCLEX I knew that I ould not have needed to study from it. I could have passd without it. But, if you are not used to those types of questions that doing question after question is the best way to study. Good luck!
  9. by   gauree
    hi , I am a Canadian RN, I just failed nclex RN exam, I studied my own notes and Kaplan, but I didn't do well on meds (diff. names,) I want to buy Saunders comprehensive, I just saw saunders comprehensive computerized .... Please someone guide me which book I should get. thank you.
  10. by   nancy324
    I used Saunders - all through school because it's a good review for what we we're studying. It comes with a CD with 4000 questions and was very easy to use. I also bought Mosby's, which was okay, but Saunders was the best for my needs. I took my exam two weeks ago and passed. Most of the questions were critical thinking. I had 75 questions and finished in an hour.
  11. by   gauree
    Thank you Nancy324
  12. by   psdelight
    I got Kaplan for nclex RN exam. how is this , because I couldn't get saunder's, so I decided to go with caplan book and cd. please reply