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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   baby dal
    the heartfelt smiles and thank yous from unexpected patients.
  2. by   satiwasati
    Hey guyz i just joined this site and its really very educative amomg other things.i have worked as a CNA,now as med tech..nursing is noble though as an aide little is done to appreciate that role..well what iam trying to say is iam now considerinmg to enrol in a lpn class...amongst you reading wud any one care to share with me what were ur reasons to choosing nursing as a career..:heartbeat
  3. by   Mary Poppins
    10 things i love about being a nurse

    1. job satisfaction

    2. i'm proud of myself and the job i do

    3. helping people maintain dignity during a very difficult time

    4. helping family members come to terms with the disease process their loved one is going through

    5. teaching without the hassle of dealing with children

    6. watching students' eyes light up when they make that connection from the classroom to the clinical setting

    7. watching patients leave the hospital, and seeing them walk back in to show us how well they're doing

    8. knowing that i'm giving people their lives back, or helping them at the end of their lives with the grief work that everyone should go through

    9. meeting interesting people from all walks of life

    10. working side by side with other people who feel the same way i do
  4. by   Assessmint
    It's something you take with you everywhere, all the time. It's the ultimate way of giving back to society.

    And right now I'm an EMT! I'm starting nursing school this Fall and I must choose, THIS WEEK, between a very pricey private school for a secondary Bachelors OR a SUNY nursing school (very inexpensive) which offers an associates RN. I've been told by several healthcare folks that there isn't much of a salary difference. Only thing is, I would have to relocate a few hours upstate. Once an RN, can you basically work where you want or do the schools or hospitals where you do your clinicals own you?

    Does anyone have any information on this? Is there also a difference in salary when working in the city vs a more rural area? No biggie either way but I'm hearing nothing but heresay...

  5. by   Twitchi
    The ability to leave a lifetime impression on someone. Just the way the nurses I had as a child have left on me. Not to mention maybe to be the inspiration to go into the nursing field themself. Just like the nurses I had inspired me to do. Nurses are angels sent down to Earth in disguise.
  6. by   nyrmas
    What I love about nursing....

  7. by   snick520
    [FONT=Fixedsys]I am waiting to take my boards in 2 weeks. I am very excited and nervous. I can not wait until i am actually a nurse. I love to take care of people and be someone that can make a difference in their life. I am a Christian and the nursing field is a great way to minister to a variety of people. I prayer is that i will always remain humble and never judgmental. :wink2:
  8. by   MrsMommaRN
    being in control of the narcotics. (lol)

    seriously i love the possiblities. we are in an in demand position and able to go anywhere.
  9. by   stars18
    having this indelible smile in my heart because i know i have helped another soul even in the very simplest way possible.
  10. by   jollia
    لأني أحب الناس وأحب مساعدةالمرضى ...........this is arabic


    i like to help sick and weak people
  11. by   gt4everpn
    helping people at their lowest point, all the technology!! the fast pace environment, the variety, the flexibility!!! boy do i love the flexibility!!!!, the pay, the teamwork, the recognition!!.. the list continues, happy nurses week!!!
  12. by   SeaDationRN
    What I love about nursing is:

    The World War 2 veteran who loves to see this nurse smile and loves it when she has the time to talk to him about his glory days in the service. Makes me feel like I am doing my part in remembering him and his life as he tells it so it won't be forgotten long after he has left this earth behind.
  13. by   aussiemags
    Quote from ritarunningfeet
    The difference I can make in someones life

    Also the variety in what I can do!
    I agree. I love feeling that I have genuinely assisted someone, whether it is just a momentary thing like rearranging their pillow, or more long lasting like providing help at home.
    I like the support of other patients when you are dealing with one difficult person in the bay and the others are well aware and they smile with you because they can see how hard it can be.
    I like to see patients laugh.
    I love it when you make some sort of breakthrough eg you notice their bloods aren't right and no-one else has picked that up yet. Or the patient mentions something to you that they haven't told anyone else, and that something is vital.
    Most of all I love those moments when you quietly hold someone's hand at a difficult moment in their day and feel that connection of one human to another.