What ever happened to Zena Bethune???

  1. I have a vague recollection of a TV show in early or mid 60s called "the Nurses". People talking here about how nurses are portrayed in the media brought it to mind. The lead character was an SN played by an actress called Zena Behtune. I was much influenced by it. The main impression I got from it was that nursing was portrayed as a sisterhood. I also recall that the student nurse character had a mentor who was an old time, hard nosed but soft hearted army nurse type. It is close to 40 years since it was on and it is strange that no one else ever speaks of it. I think the show was inspired by the success of the Dr. Kildare series and/or that Doctor show that starred Vince Edwards. Am I the only one who recalls it? Sometimes I think it was a hallucination. The one scene that sticks in my mind is of all the student nurses going around the hospital on Christmas Eve singing carols. I remember being around 14 and jumping up and down cause I could see myself there. It would be a real hoot to see it again and see it with my old, old eyes. I bet my take on the show would be really different. If anyone remembers it and sees errors in what I have said remember my memory of the show is more an emotional one than a factual one.
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  3. by   P_RN
    She was on Guiding Light many many years back. I think she ran an actors studio in later years.

    I also found this on Anne Francis' web site. I'm not sure which Emmy ceremony this was but she and Zina were given awards.

    . I have a tape of the Academy's event. I want to study it for a chapter as I get some of my writings together. At the end of the gathering, Zena Bethune ("The Nurses") and I ("Honey West") were called up to receive framed awards. The participants on the stage were standing and applauding! What a wonderful warm experience. I was so proud to read, "The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Honors Anne Francis for contributing to the positive image of women on television, and for breaking new ground as a lead actress in a starring role on a prime- time series. ATAS recognizes you as a Pioneer for Women in Drama."
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    It is good to at least know the woman actually exist. The quote was interesting as was the link.
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    Unfortunately my understanding was that she committed suicide many years ago and it is next to impossible to wade through all the sights to get a straight answer. I have been searching for years. For instance it took me until 2009 to find your 2002 question!