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hi, got a good one for ya all tonight. I went tuesday morning to get my first of two injections of TB for a new job. I'm to go back tomorrow to get it read. Now I've had this same test two years in a... Read More

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    I had a second TB today as well, the first one was negative as could be, didn't feel a thing and you couldn't even see puncture hole, However, my test today was painful, and a few minutes after it was done, the area began to redden and a bruise has formed! I am not sure what she did, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't right! Sorry about your experience, You should know more when they read it .
    Our employee health nurse was sweet as she could be, and she really knew her stuff, but when it came to administering a PPD she was brutal. Blood running down the arm, nasty bruise, pain. Every time

    The hospital put most all of us through a class in how to read PPDs. Then we were allowed to give and read each other's yearly tests. They said it because it was more efficient, but I often wondered if she'd gotten a hold of one of the administration lol.