What does a Trauma Nurse Prcatitioner do?

  1. Hi All-

    I heard of someone becoming a Trauma Nurse Practitioner and was curious as what their function is. (Forgive if I am in the wrong discussion group)
    I am currently working on my ADN through Excelsior College and being a paramedic for 14 years, I really am interested in trauma

    I am just curious as I look down the road

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  3. by   neneRN
    I'm sure this will vary in different areas/facilities, but where I'm at, there are two nurse practitioners in our Trauma Services. They do not participate in the ER care of the trauma pt, but round on admitted trauma pts/daily orders/D/C planning/ follow up care for pts admitted to trauma services, both in the ICU and on the trauma unit. At my hospital, they are not at all involved in the initial acute/stabilization phase when they first come in.
  4. by   NeuroNP
    I can't speak from personal experience, we don't use NPs where I am. But I spoke once to a Trauma NP at Vandy. She told me that they respond to alerts in the ED, see patients in the ICUs and basically do almost the same thing as residents. She said their director is very pro-NP.

    http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/surgery...-Protocols.htm has the protocols for their Trauma NPs

    http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/surgery...tocolstyle.htm is their general protocol manual

    Both of these will give you an idea of who does what. I think the general protocol manual has a section on the team and what their individual responsibilities are.