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  1. Hi,
    I have been posting here about becoming a nurse. But I have come to a crossroads. I have been seeing a career counselor and we came up with that I love the elderly. My tests also showed that I am a natural leader. I have always had a love for healthcare but don't know what I want to do in it. I lvoe teaching and adminstrative work. I have a BS in Human Resources Management. Do you think a nursing degree is better or health care adminstration? We also evaluated my values and the top three were: Economic Rewards, prestige/status and economic security. I know I sound confused and that is because I am. Can anyone offer any advice?

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  3. by   Rapheal
    I think it may be helpful if you shadow a nurse and an administrator for a day. This way you can more truly visualize yourself in either of these roles. And you may have to really honest with yourself about how much money and prestige mean to you. This is not a value judgement, but an encouragement to be really honest with yourself to determine in which role you will be happier in. Good luck in whichever role you choose.
  4. by   live4today
    Health Administration would be my choice........I'm already strongly considering that possibility so I can build my own hospital one day. If you want change....sometimes you gotta do it yourself from the ground up! Now.......if I could only get a hold of some of Bill Gates money then I could build me that hospital.
  5. by   aspenice
    Thank you for giving me that advice. I just would like more clinical skills. How would I do that too?
  6. by   Disablednurse
    I know several administrators that are LPNs. They have more of a knowledge of what is going on in their nursing homes. They know what is required and something about the stresses.
  7. by   OKNURSE
    I believe that if it is economic security, prestige and status that you desire, then you should pursue a career in health care administration. There is very little prestige/status invovled in the nursing arena. Iwould strongly advise you against administration in a nursing home setting, however. I hope that any nursing home employees do not take offense. I am certain that administrative nursing home staff would concur that nursing homes are just under much more scrutiny and have so many more stringent rules & regulations to comply with.

    There are so many options out there for you though, even in nursing. You may be interested in case management which, in some ways has some degree of prestige and, in many facilities can be financially lucrative. You may also investigate Eldercare since you like elderly people.

    What I'm wondering is why you do not plan on using your B.S. in Human Resources. You may enjoy working in a hospital as personnel/HR Director.